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    I have lived off the grid before (5 years in the Santa Cruz mountains, caliornia) I have since moved up to Washington to a small island that looses power frequently. My two trusty gensets came with me. One a 8KW and the other an 18KW. both are considered “portable”.

    While the 18KW is more than enough to run the house; I”m being told by salesman that I cannot wire up a transfer switch “at the meter” with a portable generator. This seems stupid to me (standby generators they sell are the same power output); and I cannot find any law/code that supports that restriction.

    While I am more than happy to use a manual switch; I would like a “semi automatic” switch that switches back to grid power after “some time” has elapsed when grid power is restored; so all I need to do is manually start and stop the generator… The genset automatically goes into a “cool down” (low RPM) when there is no longer a load…

    does anyone have comments, ideas, thoughts, suggestions?





    The problem is safety. Wiring the genset at the meter creates ‘back voltage’, the current can flow out into the grid. Since electricity will seek the fastest way to ground, anyone or anything grounding the grid would draw the entire output of your genset.




    Here is my best guess at your question. Most automatic transfer swicths that I know of are powered and operated by the actual generators controler. Depending on the switch you my be able to turn it into a wired remote push button operation to switch to generator and automatic restore. hope this helps.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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