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    my fav BBC offgrid show was good neighbors….lol
    it may have been a comedy and not the most educational
    but who could resist felicity kendall?


    This is an interesting video, it’s pretty old, the sound quality is less than, but it appears to be an original reality shows about “modern” day people living in an iron age village created by BBC.

    Living in the Past was a fly on the wall documentary program aired by the BBC in 1978 which followed a group of 15 young volunteers recreating an Iron Age settlement, where they sustained themselves for a year, equipped only with the tools, crops and livestock that would have been available in Britain in the 2nd Century BC.
    Produced at BBC Bristol by John Percival for BBC Two it consisted of twelve fifty minute episodes airing from 23 February to 11 May 1978.
    A follow-up program aired in the same year Living in the Present discovered what the participants had thought of the experiment and how they were adjusting back to modern day living.

    In 2008, BBC Four’s What Happened Next revisited participants in the original series thirty years on from their year living together.

    WARNING, there is some nudity in this video, nothing pornographic, just skin… if that bothers you, then you probably should skip this…

    What do you think?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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