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    What the land is now is a big field, woods, creeks, and a pond. There are people that live out there with just the basics, which is not for everyone. A lot of people come and go. People are encouraged to build and work towards not only bettering their living conditions/lives but that of everyone there, while also always working towards helping and <span class=”text_exposed_show”>accommodating others. The land is the first of many of its type. These land will serve many purposes depending on who is involved and what they want to do. The main focus will be on sustainability and helping others on and off the lands. We want to do things as cheap (or free) as possible while still keeping a productive pace. The hope is if we provide people with the space and resources needed they will learn how to work together and make the world a better place from the ground up. some of the ways the lands might do this is by providing free goods and resources, having work shops and example’s for people to learn from, building community, networking and setting a good example.</span>

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