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    We’re onto phase two right now and really excited about everything that’s going on!

    The website is up, there are committed members and the Eco-Village project seems to be moving ahead at full steam! is our site, there are forums for members and details about the project posted.

    We are a group of individuals who are purchasing a large 150 + acre parcel of land in North Ontario, Near Timmins.

    The land is ridiculously cheap and each member can own an acre or more of land for $1000 for their homestead.

    With the agreement being drafted in it’s final stages we are almost ready to completely buy out our parcel of land.

    This is really exciting.

    Once we have secured the land, hopefully by the time the snow melts we’ll be up there camping and surveying out plots for members.

    We have enough committed members to pay the deposit on the land plus a little more. All funds go directly to the agent so I never see a cent of it, it ALL goes to the Land.

    The biggest problem in achieving the off grid dream seems to be that most people who want to live off grid are like  myself total minimalists who will likely never be able to buy this much land on their own.

    Who would want to go it alone anyway?  I understand if that’s your thing but I can’t live without people. Though I am a  bit of a misanthrope it’s the society we live in and not the people themselves that bother me. How many of you can say the same?

    It’s my dream and the dream of many to live off-grid in a sustainable community. This Eco Village is going to make that dream a reality for at least 30 people.

    Small  towns and settlements deteriorate because of economic difficulty, we don’t have that problem. We won’t rely on anything from the grid, we will provide our own food, power, water and shelter. We will stand alone in this crazy world and shine as an example of how human beings can live together with nature. The right way.

    If this is your dream too please feel free to get involved.

    We’re not only looking for future villagers, we will need friends and volunteers to stay with us to help with gardening projects and  builds. Whether you want to invest your money or your skills and time we’re here and hoping you will join us!

    We need ALL KINDS. Whether you’re a skilled builder or just a great person with the right attitude to  motivate others we want you to visit us.

    I’d also like to formally invite anyone  from around the globe who is interested in off grid living to visit us and see our village grow.

    We don’t have our land secured yet, but until we do our home is here online at and we’d love to see you there!

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