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    Up until 2009 I have had a job where I moved around every 3-4 years (with the same company).   I really wanted to settle down in one area, plant some fruit trees, have a garden, etc.  In 2010 I started making plans for a small offgrid cabin and moved into it in Feb 2012.  I had very limited power at the time but have since added panels and batteries and now live comfortably with a refrigerator, freezer, large tv, lights, etc.  I ever just bought a small AC to help with the hot Mississippi summers.   I am still having to bring my water in in 5 gallon jugs, but hopefully will have a well installed soon.  I am in the process of getting a small permaculture garden established and am enjoying the time outdoors and the lack of rent payments, utility bills etc.  The cabin is 16 x 32 with a loft and offers plenty of room for me.   I have visited this forum many times in the past and it helped me choose the direction I have taken.  I just wanted to join and say thanks and offer to help with what little knowledge I can offer to anyone that may have a question.   Hope all is well.



    Welcome volleypc, sounds like you have it going on! Would you give us more details about your life? Nothing too personal, just how you live, what sort of toilet facilities do you have/use? Not too personal huh? :)

    Hauling water 5 gallons at a time restricts how much water you can use, when we first moved off grid, I would haul up 3 gallons of water a day for 2 people, I was so glad to get our sinks plumbed and our water tanks set up, eventually we hope to have a well, but for now, we fill a small tank (300 gallons) and a large one (1550 gallons).

    How do you earn an income? Even though living off grid, with paid for property, can be very inexpensive, there is still a need for some money…

    Your appliances, are they standard, full size or something else? I use a freezer to fridge conversion for my fridge, it works very well, very efficient.

    Are you running on 12v or 24v? We use 12v with an inverter, it works great for us, we use heavy duty extension cords that mostly run along the ceiling and drop down where we need them, our place is fairly small so that works fine for us, how is your place wired? In wall like normal or something else?






    congrats dude, good stuff
    i use 20 gallon mollasses jugs for hauling water when i have to
    they are sealed with bungs you can replace with hose faucets
    lay them on their sides up high and walah, running water
    i keep 5 of those jugs, which cost me $10 each, just for emergency water
    fill them up, add a little bleach, seal the bungs and they keep for years

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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