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    Ok folks here is the deal, I have an off grid farmstead in southern arizona. I have a great well so water is not an issue. We have sheep, rabbits, chickens and a tilapia farm. We are 100 percent off grid, grid power is not even run to our land, we have 36 acres that is paid for.

    To be clear on everything up front, if you are a drug user, drunk, running from the law, looking for a hand out or just plain lazy please do not contact us.

    If you are a hard worker, wanting to learn, trustworthy and a person of your word then please contact us.

    I am wanting a caretaker of sorts, to help out with the farmstead work and  projects. I will set aside a small piece of ground that you will be able to build a small home on. You can use natural materials here to make an earthship or adobe. In the meantime you can live in a camper that we provide and we will furnish your meals. A single person or a small family is fine.

    You can make money selling at the local farmers market or find some work in nearby Bisbee Arizona. You will need your own transportation. This is the high desert so please know what your getting into. My website is it is a little outdated as we have been so busy i haven’t got to it. The fish pond has become a full blown aquaponics system with a few more tanks added.

    Lastly please do not call me we are a working farmstead and i cant answer the phone alot, i will look at everyone’s emails so please include a number where i can reach you to discuss it more in detail.

    Thanks All

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