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    To introduce myself very quick. I’m a country boy living in The Netherlands, just searching for oppertunities.

    Going off grid has definitely been in my mind for a while. And after years of saving and preparing I think I’m ready to go get to that goal.

    My plan basically is to either join a community or buy a piece of land. And like I’ve said before, live off the land. Now, a true bushman knows he never knows enough. But I’m not writing this to know how to survive, I’m writing this to get some info about me coming from The Netherlands.

    This is where I was born and raised, but just isn’t the place for me. Now,to get to the question that has been in my mind since the moment I got this idea. I would have to get a visum through the Green Card Lottery or get a working visum. But I do not need a working visum. So I’m putting my trust in the Green Card Lottery first.

    Finally, my question is, after you got through the whole process and you got your Green Card. Is it even possible to go live off grid? Or are there requirements like having a, for example, a parttime job or a 9 to 5 job? After you receive the Green Card, can a man just do what he wants? Or is it a bit trickier than that? Because I basically wanna live self providing, sustainable, create me a little farm. And get money when needed through little jobs around the area.

    I really couldn’t find the answer anywhere! So I hope one of you guys can help me with this.

    PS. My location ideas are very bright. But I’m thinking Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Alaska, Minnesota, Colorado, etc.


    Great greetings,




    First I ave to say Alaska is the most beautiful place I’ve seen on this planet so far….  perhaps just behind Peru’s Andes. Anyway a lot of people in Alaska are homesteaders and live different degrees off the grid, I learned a lot there for our dream.

    I had a green card when I was a minor and lots of my friends have green cards today, I believe the only thing they can’t do is vote and they have to stay in the US for the first 6 months.  There may be some restrictions on not being outside the US for more than 3 months at a time or 6 or something, not sure.

    We are now planing for a piece of land close to NYC that will be a mix of tiny houses, hobbit holes, tree houses and yurt type living all around an art workshop/makerspace, for more info Look at this project here You’re welcome to come this way if you’re still looking to live off grid.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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