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    A cooker I designed as a school lunch cooker for Haiti is a perfect cooker for the off grid homestead.
    After all if we are become off the grid by choice or by fate our situation will be similar to Haiti.
    This wood fired cooker will cook 35 kg of beans, pasteurize 35 liters of water, heat bath, laundry or kitchen water and you can actually do laundry and dishes in the 40 qt pot.
    This cooker is an outdoor all weather cooker, so if you are on the road and you do not have shelter you can still cook and heat water outdoor in any weather.
    This cooker features a new burner design that is different from a Rocket stove burner and a TLUD gasifier type burner. It is a TLC burner “Top Lit Combustor” which is much more functional than either.
    What do you think?

    Cooking outdoor in the rain.

    Here is where I cooked 35 Kg of pinto beans with only 3 kg of wood

    This is the “LannyPan” fry pan that goes with the stove.

    I also have a charcoal oven and a 35 gallon vat cooker on my YouTube channel as well as some other stoves.
    Lanny Henson



    Hi Lanny, thanks so much for sharing that with everyone here, it looks quite interesting, I for one like the smokeless (full combustion) fire, where I live, smelling and seeing wood smoke except in winter is scary, it makes people think there is a wildfire…


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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