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    I have been working on different ideas to form the basic foundation to create a co-op of like minded people, there are some pitfalls to work threw when trying to work with people you never met and know nothing about, and what this type of situation can bring both negative and positive.

    If i dare to be blunt, working with people you dont really know, makes it very hard in this society to simply trust people and think everyone has the same goals in life.

    I am a strong believer that in any society there should be a choice if you want to be apart of the society, my belief is this type of co-op is that same type of situation, people of like minds working towards the same basic goals.

    The one thing that has always made it hard for me to just pick up and move to a co-op is, the uncertainty of if ” it will be for me” after i make this life changing leap.

    For some people with age and finances this could be a very risky venture, with people you may only be familiar with.

    this turned my focus on how can a solid foundation be started, where there can be room for people to test out if its the right choice for yourself.

    plus give people the choice to pursue there off grid lifestyle full or part time, or just in ways that they want to contribute, this could be staying for a month or 2 a year or for life, having there own garden area, or just to come out for a day or two, the options could be endless depending on legislation in your area.

    The best way for a secure foundation is to ensure the security of the co-op and the people in it from harm from outsiders especially in the form of trolls and freeloader, being off grid and self sustainable is to do for yourself, and to help others that help themselves and need some help, not those that want everything done for them.

    to ensure this does not happen and give everyone a way out at anytime, plus give time to assure its the right for all parties involved, there would be levels,

    the membership levels would give access to longer leases etc

    This in canada can be achieved with small public campground, a few rustic sites for basic tent camping, allows anyone to come get a feel to see if they want to become member in any of the member areas, (member areas not open to public)

    depending on the land size, can plan out a number lots for people that want to lease a member site, they could build and do whatever they want on there site, and can take what ever they put up when and if they choose to leave.

    the membership levels also gives access to areas that normally would require insurance and a separate waver for each visit along with other requirements when open to the public.

    once a member gets to a certain level that can open possibility of being added to title etc.

    Either one person can buy the land and start by themselves, or could get a number of people to agree on a temporary member lease on a property to be purchased for a pre determined amount of time.

    would allow people to start working together in a co op fashion but still give everyone the freedom of having choices.

    I am looking at large piece of unorganized land in northern ontario, year round access, harvest able timber, lakes and rivers very close, small stream threw property. not permits and low low taxes. less than 1 mile from hwy.

    If anyone is interested in starting a co-op like this in ontario let me know,

    I am willing to buy land under written agreements if enough people pitch in for a memberships to secure the down payment for land, this agreement would also include my responsibility to keep mortgage in good standing for the entire term of the mortgage.

    We are very easy to work with, everything always has to be mutual agreed in writing and must benefit each party mutually.

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