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    Recently we have designed an Off-Grid Power Storage 4kWh system powered by Solar Panels.
    The system is supplied in an 19″ cabinet and includes Charger, Li-Ion Batteries and DC/ AC converter.
    The AC load can be up to 4kWh. Charging time batteries is 5hrs.

    We are searching re-sellers / distributors.

    Please leave me your email address and company web site if interested.


    i am new to these forums and new to the concept of off grid power,

    i usually dry camp sans power. however, i want to learn more about portable sources of power. i need to be able to power laptop (lots of use), smartphone, gps device.

    would you mind giving me some basic info so i can make better choices?

    thank you




    Harbor freight has a small 45 watt system from 189 and down depending on if you find it on sell.   It will do what you want and is portable.  I have one on my cabin for now till I get all my full system in.  It comes with 2 small lights 3 panels, charge controller and stand.  We use it when we go to our cabin.   I have one deep cycle battery attached 100 ah battery.  It will charge our phones since it has usb output, it will run a small 300 watt inverter to charge the laptop or mac.  Look on harbor freight website or a harbor freight store near you.  since its Christmas you might get it on sale.   Its a good system.  You might upgrade the charge controller later.   I think others in the forum probably have them too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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