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    I’m very excited to have found this forum! I’m a 46 year old man. Your typical daily grinder in the corporate world here in the mid-south. I’m looking to take the big jump off the grid and live my life with the freedom I desperately want and need. This site is great to help me plan that lifestyle. I’ve been pondering it for over 2 years now and even talked about it with friends and family… (All of which think I’m crazy.) Truth is I’m not crazy! I’m just a mature Man looking to provide for myself and get away from the a robotic life that has served only to make me an unhappy person. I have already made some changes in preparation. I have stopped spending money on useless things which have brought me only a tiny injection of wellbeing, and instead I’ve just been saving and getting along with that which I clearly remember was all I really ever needed in my youth. I don’t know if life will allow me to get “off the grid.” but I’m learning more and not in fear of letting go. I want to be FREE again in life! I’m sick of the 8 to 5 redundant BS I’ve been living for 25 plus years. Been there done that for so long and it has only served to make me a miserable and depressed man that is void of any meaningful purpose in life. I’m now halfway to the financial goal I need to be free. I’m very sure for all this dollar amount for freedom is different. I need 140K and I think if I do it right it can last me until I can collect tax free from my 401K. (Not counting on SS because that may not be there for me at 62 or even 67.) I have $70,000 more to go. That’s 3 more years and then I’m gone for good and never looking back. I’ve much to learn in that time and this forum I feel will be of great help:)

    No matter WHAT I am doing this, but still there is fear in my mind that I will fail. I’m typical for missing some mundane detail of things that will crush my dream of freedom. I figure I don’t need too much because I’m a minimalist by nature. In fact I enjoy the challenge of getting by on less. I figure I only have 5 basic needs and if I can meet and sustain them then I can really do it if I’m smart about it. We shall see because I’m dead set on taking the leap into the raw freedom I’ve always wanted!
    Regards to all of you that have gotten out of the BS system that only kills our happiness. I plan on taking my happiness back also:)

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