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    Hi there. I am new to the forum. I live 125% on the grid. My family is totally wasteful and it’s no fun. I have dreamed of, not only going off the grid, but homesteading as much as possible. My goal is to not need to go to the store for sustainment, or rely on others to meet my physiological needs. I am a year or two away from beginning.

    Two questions. In British Columbia, Can you run your household using your own generated power, and still be connected to the grid?

    Those of you with wells, how do you power your water well pump? Do you pump it into head tanks?



    Yes to both questions. My wife was born on an off-grid homestead near Prince George. We currently live in the Hazelton area. BC hydro does have some requirements as defined in their grid tie program. You could just as well use this as a off-grid interconnection. All of the electrical hardware is available off the shelf . Since you are going to tie to Hydro at least part time the equipment and wiring must be done to code which is not a big problem. In our area where so many people live off grid full time and even more places have permanent back up most of the contractors are quite familiar with how to do it. <smile> Some of them even put up off-grid stand alone bill boards along the road advertising their business. The signs are illuminated at night with typical sun and wind charging but their home base is elsewhere.



    Hungosol; give me an email address to which I can send a more detailed answer.

    BC provides some unique challenges not necessarily encountered in other places where people live off grid. Due to geography there are several places where people have been compelled to live off grid for decades long before the term ‘off-grid’ even came into common use. I first got involved in wind turbine controller design back in the mid seventies and have been interested ever since.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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