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    I am looking for a format to link up with others that are interested in going off-grid. I was inspired by Nick Rosen’s book as I’m sure others were. I have to believe that there are alot of people in this country looking for a life not a lifestyle. After all, lifestyle is determined by things one has accumulated not by how one lives.

    I have lived in Central America and Asia, for over ten years. In doing so have

    lived off-grid before. I have built passive solar water heaters in rural Texas

    counties under a D.O.E. grant. Sometimes even the gov’t does something right.

    I have access to land here in Texas where I am living now, but I’m willing to relocate. I think that finding or forming a community of people with common goals

    is crucial as I have no desire to live like a hermit.

    I’m looking at land in Belize or Ecuador where land is still affordable. Let me hear from you if you have skills,resources, and are selfreliant.

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