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    Hello i’m new to this site and looking into building purchasing a small plot of land in either New Hampshire, Vermont, or Maine and buiding my permanent off the grid residence on it. I was just curious if someone could kind of point me in a good direction. Was curious if the where the building codes were relatively laid back. I am a diyer and mason by trade and i’m ready to live off the grid with a little bit of knowledge.


    check out the discusion on “help me plan to live off the grid’. im sure there are building codes. fees for permits are income. ……joys…. brought up briefly her lack of lets say control by the man with code. on the structural side i completely agree. barns in the middle of knowwhere are still standing after 100 plus years. but for electric and plumbing really does have its merits in the long run. think about it but the old cabins and barns didnt have plumbing or elec.

    recently i said to myself how com when i was younger and tornados riped through towns they inly had the roofs blow off. now woth more codes and hardware the whole house goes? huricane straps. the roof is tied to the foundation. someone at simpson is probably sleeping with someone on the international building code board?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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