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    Nick Rosen

    wow that’s pretty cool!  I’m just a few miles off 233.. I got a intermittent stream that actually runs through the property so that’s gonna help out big time.. My plan is to get fruit trees and nut trees planted so that I can take them to farmers market for cash and to live off of…It’s just gonna take me some time… I’m gonna definitely make it up there the end of May so I can kinda scope the property out and see where I wanna build my home and I will definitely  have to stop and say hi as I wouldn’t mind knowing who my neighbors are lol.. Take care and thank you for taking time to answer my questions!

    Nick Rosen

    oh ok just saw your location on the map.. thought you were more located by the utah/nevada border lol… you’re a good 50-60 miles from me.. still good to know


    probably only 15 or 20 miles depends a bit whether your east or west of 233 if your on the murdock mountain side im probablyjust over the “hill” fom you.if your closer to pilot valley/pilot peak you are a bit further away but there is a lot more people living in that areahave you been to the property yet? 

    Nick Rosen

    You are right sir I should have zoomed in a little more.. Just on the other side of Murdock mountain..  I have not been to the property yet, but I did get a lot of pictures of the property.. It is very beautiful area I could not have found a better spot :)




    I’m late (by a few years) to this conversation, but I’m glad to see that posts have been made within the last few weeks.  Chowan, I’ve been following you for some time, and have watched all of your YouTube videos!

    My family and I are in the “learning stages” and have quite a few questions…if you’re willing, I would love to have some conversations with you!  My private e-mail is: imaqt2_1 at hotmail dot com.

    Thanks – oh, and keep on keeping on…you totally rock at it :)



    you’re still kicking…I’ve been away from this site for awhile so maybe I’ve missed some of your updates…maybe not.

    In any event maybe you could write up a basic update on your activities this new year?? Have you given up on trying to get a small community going at your nevada off grid property?? Or have you been able to attract anybody out there?

    I know it is hard as I have a friend living off-grid in NW North Carolina in beautiful Ashe County just 30 minutes from nice mountain town of West Jefferson North Carolina…I’ve tried getting some off-grid wannabees out there to live, help, join, experience etc…all are gone now…nobody commits to anything…people like the idea of off-grid but then want the soft life of tv and ac and xbox and comfort…Bill’s property is 10 acres of either moist stream bed area or steep hilltop bunkerhouse….not rolling meadows and horses frolicking!!!!

    So I gather you’ve had people come too….but drift away soon after???


    (mike in virginia)


    Would the man named Mike who goes by “Dust” please contact me at if either of those communities in Virginia or North Carolina are still functioning? Thanks


    as far as pumping water from great depths, there is a way thats cheap
    just not used much, air bubbles…
    2 pipes down inside your well casing, one for water to come up
    one for air to go down
    make the air one small and put its end inside the water pipe with a diffuser attached
    the air bubbles out and naturally lifts the water to the top
    quite quickly too
    and youd be surprised at how little air pressure you need to do it

Viewing 8 posts - 76 through 83 (of 83 total)
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