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    Well, I’m still familiarizing myself with this website, so I apologize in advance if this information is already posted or is being posted in the wrong forum.

    I’m a 23 year old college student who has been running in circles for far too long. I wish to get off the wheel, so to speak, and do away with my personal belongings this summer. Sell everything and backpack/travel/get off the grid as much as possible within the United States. I hope in doing so, coming back for school in the fall will give me a a new sense of direction.

    Any advice? I have no idea where to start or what I am doing. Where do I go, what’s up?!

    Happy Thanksgiving,



    Hi Michael, have a look at – it might be just what you’re looking for.


    I don’t think that last comment was what he was looking for. I know a guy that sold everything, paid off his debt and has hiked and camped across America, done the AT trail and the Ozark Highlands trail in Arkansas. When he goes across the USA he camps out in the woods near truck stops or anywhere that seems appropriate. Gets his showers at truck stops. Sometimes truckers will give you their free showers if they have extra. I know the feeling.


    I do know the people will take in anyone anytime. Just show up at their communities across the USA and canada. Now they are a group who follow yahshua / jesus and so they gather twice daily to sing praise to him. They have many farms etc etc all over the USA. You do not have to join them and they are a safe people. if you can find one of their buses you could even travel with them. The rest of the world and people are pretty tough. Yes there are some good people but its not like when i started out back in the late 60’s The appalachian trail and the other trails should be traversed with other people and not alone. Hitchiking is usually ok in PNW and way up north along the USA. I did it in 2004. I would never do it along the south. If you can look up a mark creekwater who walks the USA you can join him in his travels. He is involved though with occupy. He is a friend of mine and has stopped here. I live in central Pa and your welcome to connect with me thru here. I live in amish mennonite country where its pretty safe and clean and not wild. Good luck and be well. click my name and see my site.


    michael- i’m listed on the wwofer site under Eddy Solei (the recirculating current of the sun). also here under land buddys

    my farm is a off the grid homestead. this summer we will be building about 1500 sq ft of greenhouse with aqua ponics and hopefully a barn. your more than welcome to get in touch through the wwofer site. and we can go from there.

    as for travel and off the grid i have always been partial to bike touring. the bike gives you the ability to get away from the main transportation hubs will being completely self contained. you can easily care enough clothes and tent to protect yourself from the elements and still have a nice cook kit, and several days worth of food.

    i have traveled the world by bike and when your able to avoid the main transportation hubs and arteries your able to avoid the riff raff.

    an older mt bike with slicks and panniers your ready to go. the newer panniers made like river dry bags are worth every penny.

    best of luck


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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