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    Motivated male 49 looking for off grid community in Ontario Canada i have been well versed in maintenance and construction and have few good skills have a few certificates fire training,cpr first aid. fall arrest working with ropes and heights. Have 2 years in military reserves. hunting and fishing all my life have basic knowledge of solar systems as well as well water systems pumps ect. i currently hold a ham radio licence and amature radio has been a hobby of mine since my teens and have coached many on getting there licence.I did a personal dry run of three 3 months in a cabin no solar or wind just lanterns for light fire for heat i only ate what i could hunt or forage i did have a emergency backup supply of food but didnt have to use it i did cheat the last 2 weeks i ate my reserves so i didnt have to portage back out. Im looking for a chance to show my motivation and skills willing to work hard for a small piece of paradise.With alot of motivation and a few comforts of home it can be done

    all the best Dean





    Sounds like you would be an asset to any group, good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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