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    We are a young couple looking to go off-grid in Utah. Does anyone know of any communities already established, or some-what established? Looking to get out of the system and live as one with nature with like-minded individuals. Anything helps! Thanks and Peace!


    “live as one with nature with like-minded individuals”.

    Do you have more details of your plan than the one quote above?

    For instance what type of building construction do you contemplate? Have you figured out your mimimum energy budget? What is your intended heating source during winter monts? How much electrical energy will you require?

    Everything cost money? Have you a budget for acquiring basic tools and implements?

    Sorry if this comes across like a wet blanket but the quoted sentence sounds more like a philosophical statement than an action plan outline.


    Well, as one who has done a lot of hunting and fishing through Utah (born in SLC), I would first ask Northern Utah with the Uinta and Wasatch mountain ranges? Or Southern Utah with it’s sand dunes and rocks?

    The easiest location for living off grid is Southern Utah. There used to be a few communities around Moab and the Green River area. Many off griders in the South are polygamist families staying off the FBI radar.

    Northern Utah can be pretty nasty in the winter. We used to park a 14 foot trailer in the Wasatch mountains in the fall so we could snowshoe in and dig through the snow to find it in the winter when the snow was a couple feet over the top of the trailer. Sure was peaceful.



    Okay, I just have to ask this of ReBoot. Was the trailer hunting ‘winter sport’ with or without the aid of a gps. Did you always find it on the first snow drift dig? :)



    GPS? LoL

    Haven’t you kids heard of navigating by compass and land marks? <smile>

    There was a time not so long ago when even GPS (civilian version) had an error probability of plus/minus 30 feet thanks to SA..


    Hi! We’re a young family in Logan. We’re looking to try to get a community together in 3-4 years to move off grid (going to school right now).

    Where in UT are you looking to be? Land around this area is pretty cheap :)


    I’m sorry. This thread kinda fell through the tracks. (I dropped a stitch.)

    Revinger – At that time (1975) GPS satellites were strictly government access (until 1983). God, you make me want another “Geritol cocktail”. Where did I put that walker…? :-) Maybe we had to try a drift or two, I cant remember. But with a known point, or benchmark (mile maker xx) and a compass you should be able to get very close. And with a landmark orientation, you should be “on it”. Nowadays, it’s popular to play in GPS treasure hunts. In the 70’s and 80’s there was “compass reading” treasure hunts. :-}

    LizzyQ – You live in a beautiful area (my old fishing grounds). When I talk to people in UT that have never been in the Pacific Northwest and they ask me what it’s like, I tell them it’s similar to Logan without as much snow. If I was in UT, it would probably be around Logan. I _love_ Cache Valley Swiss cheese! BTW My uncle is a geology prof. at the university in Logan.



    In the 70’s and 80’s there was “compass reading” treasure hunts. :-}

    I believe this was called orienteering. It was part of my military school officer training. But it brings up a pertinent topic. What would we do if a lot of our current technology suddenly died. Cell phones and GPS not to mention the Internet we presently rely on so heavily for communicating.

    Instead of looking up things on wikipedia where do we go to find out things we need to know?


    I design/build/install Solar,Wind,Hydro and Kinetic Electrical Generation Systems. I own my own business and have extensive (common sense and technical) information regarding grid tie, off grid, battery backup, hybrid and alternative electricity generation, storage and maintenance of systems and components. I am happy to answer any specific questions that you have about Electricity generation in any of the areas I have mentioned. If I do not know the answer I will find out and get it back to you asap!

    G Harman


    OK can you supply a stirling engined generator delivering 2kW for around $5000 or less

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