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    I look at the world we live in and see it falling apart left and right.  With religious groups are fighting, protests and riots in the streets, on top of global warming and our dependency on fossil fuels it is easy to see that Times are a changin.<i>  </i>To protect myself and my future generations I would like to create a self-sustaining fortress that will protect those inside against outsiders while also providing for the necessities of those inside.  One that will offer liberty to those inside without hindering creativity or ambitions.

    This society would be self sustaining by utilizing the power of the sun using solar panels.  Food will be supplied by a large garden to provide fresh fruits and vegetables and chickens and goats to provide meat, milk, and cheese.  A deep underground well will provide unlimited fresh water.

    When I picture this society, I see it governed by a technocracy which is on governed by a group of people who have certain expertise.  A group of 7 elected officials will work to provide for all the needs of those living in the community.

    I am a senior in college and have no capital to begin such an undertaking.  I am interested in hearing any questions or suggestions you have or if you would like me to elaborate more just email me:



    what is a technocracy? i understand its some form of government

    and has been used in some civ building computer games but how does it work

    and how would it work when electronics fail?



    I have very similar idea as you, and I would like to share it. I also am in need of some sound advice from people who are atleast interested in the topic.

    I plan to buy land in a group of four or more situated apon a downhill mountain stream of

    sufficient flow, reliability of permanence and dammability where I persue to set up a series of

    dams that have a two cup tall, river wide gap at the bottom to allow the fish, mussels etc to flow

    underneath a mesh protected spout. The spout directs most of the rivers flow into a small channel

    coming over onto the top of a waterwheel connected to a permanent magnet alternator which generates

    electricity to charge a clump of deep cycle marine batteries for periodic replacement. Further

    upstream, large debris could be diverted down a different rout somehow, including any river life?

    If done intelligently, carefully choosing the land, one can secure permanent free electricity at a

    high rate and a low cost in comparison to solar if one utilises this concept of damming the stream

    multiple times, utilising multiple wheels, along its length, with a big narrow at the bottom for

    the fish, and a mesh protection for the dams spout leading to a water wheel charging a set of deep

    cycle marine batteries! On top of this working permanant establishment of sufficient free electricity, one

    as a team persues to establish very carefully and beautifully, a working permaculture food forest!

    This food forest is established by the team, has a large diversity of fruit and nut plants along

    with herbs, tobacco, tea, various hard wood trees, healing remedy plants, diverse organic foods of

    all kinds at a cost of low maintenance once established, plants that need more frequent attention,

    are placed closer to the house. Some of this is traded for other things, hopefully being able to

    give generously. Permaculture is forest archetecture, food forest gardening. It creates a diverse

    forest of food that matures very well over long time. etc etc, do some research if you have never

    heard of the term ‘permaculture’! So, what do you guys think? And how likely do you think it is to

    find land like this at a size of around two acres? ‘I just know thisl work though! And overcoming

    any obsticles to climbing this mountain will be so worth it! No rent, free electricity, a food forest of beauty, a life time of freedom for those after you and those after them! Some advice, any? I have worked out, the rough cost to achieve this is: 40k each, four people putting 40k each in. But, the bigger the land, the more likely to find such a perfect kind of down hill mountain stream along with good food forest conditions. So the more, the better. If you ask me, the whole world should just convert to small, blissful villages like this that trade with one another. Apparently, I heard there is this new technology that is just a big glass ball of water that concentrates the suns light to shine intencely onto some very small but well equipped solar panels. With the addition of nano technology, these solar panels might be able to be made very efficient. So if that happens, then these villages can be put anywhere and everywhere, and trade with each other ^^. But until that happens, I am not going to waste any time, I am going to save up this money, and within a maximum of four years (I worked out 3 years at 200 dollers saving per week) and a minimum of one year (by working in the mines, or something), finding a team who is keen enough to save this money with me, taking a permaculture food forest course (there is one in the town i live! :) I will have the 40 or 50k I need to begin, granted that my team is saving with me, only then will it be possible within a small ammount of time, and then there is the great obsticle of finding a peice of land that is for purchase of around 2 acres that is situated apon a perrenial (permanent) mountain stream of sufficient flow and dammability… (a hard part) many obsticles to climb this mountain, But this is to be expected, the governments (provide no use whatsoever) obviously dont want us to be free living in harmony, so yes, this will be quite the mountain to climb with some of its obsticles… But what are your thoughts.



    A technocracy is governed by a group of people who have certain knowledge or technical expertise.   The idea I came up with is a group of 7 called the board of leaders which consists of a President, Secretary of State, Secretary of Commerce, Secretary of Infrastructure, Secretary of Education, Secretary of Justice and the Secretary of Defense.  All leaders will be elected and work together to create governing laws as well as provide security, enjoyment, and nutrients to the citizens.

    As for GW’s thoughts:  I enjoy the idea of self sustaining resources as well as trading with others.  I don’t however think that creating a dam to provide electricity is the way to go.  I’m not sure what will be required to build it and if US or state officials catch word of it that might result in heavy fines or possibly imprisonment.  If that wouldn’t be the case I do believe hydroelectricity will be much more sustainable.



    OK ill play have you given any thought as to the founding principles?

    like the constituion or perhaps the magna carta

    what rights do your citizens have? when and how do they get to vote

    what is governed by the technocracy and what remains personal freedoms?

    just some ideas for you



    Honestly.. this is a bad idea. Of course that’s just my opinion. Your just describing the foundation of the same thing we have done over and over since the dawn of man, just giving new titles to the people running the show.

    In a free society, all are truly on the same playing field, none better then the other.

    A free society requires everyone do their part, rules that can be enforced, perhaps voting , on issues of the community, where a majority vote actually works.

    A hierarchy is just another form of the same old leadership that has put mankind where it is today.

    Adding to this… You may very well find yourself in a Ruby Ridge, Waco Texas situation if you were to actually attempt this.




    I’m in with the plans of a off the grid community , and reason  I was working for a place that give me first hand info ,  on the USA, and other Countries and everything else, and I would love to start or be a part of a place as such and live free, and a new life , SERIUOSLY



    In reply to apollo: I hear alot of people use hydroelectricity to create their own electricity in india and many other contries similar, and they get away with it. One article was saying how there are so many people seising these resources apon their land in those areas and making dams without a hole in the bottom for freshwater mussels and other sea life to keep flowing to new areas. And because of incorrect set up they created problems that were entirely preventable. Most likely the officials in US are very weary about people making damms in the wrong places, and correctly, so they ask you for a permit, if you cant obtain a permit even with a safe set up, then it is most likely they simply are preventing you from going off grid without having to buy solar. But atleast the good news in what I am saying is that there are still places where one can achieve the kind of lifestyle I am portraying, the best of which being to create a ‘green’ dam (one with a hole at the bottom and a mesh protecting the spout) apon a perfectly permanent (perrennial) mountain stream. With this method, the price to go off grid without being at all primitive is dramatically reduced. Right down to the price of 40k each between four people at two acres, or less if you have more flow than your lands worth, for example, you buy a property of three acres, but the land is niagra falls, and somehow the fact that niagra falls is on your property did not increase its value in proportion to the ammount of electricity you can create. One would be able to supply enough electricity to 600 people who can all pitch in on the cost of land. So with this example, the ”put in” of price each person has to pay decreases depending on two factors: How much people can fit on the land, and how many people can live comfortably under the roof of the ammount of electricity you can generate from a site.

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