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    I look at the world we live in and see it falling apart left and right.  With religious groups are fighting, protests and riots in the streets, on top of global warming and our dependency on fossil fuels it is easy to see that Times are a changin.<i>  </i>To protect myself and my future generations I would like to create a self-sustaining fortress that will protect those inside against outsiders while also providing for the necessities of those inside.  One that will offer liberty to those inside without hindering creativity or ambitions.

    This society would be self sustaining by utilizing the power of the sun using solar panels.  Food will be supplied by a large garden to provide fresh fruits and vegetables and chickens and goats to provide meat, milk, and cheese.  A deep underground well will provide unlimited fresh water.

    When I picture this society, I see it governed by a technocracy which is on governed by a group of people who have certain expertise.  A group of 7 elected officials will work to provide for all the needs of those living in the community.

    I am a senior in college and have no capital to begin such an undertaking.  I am interested in hearing any questions or suggestions you have or if you would like me to elaborate more just email me:

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