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    I am a 30 year old woman who has been strong and independent all my life. After spending the last month and a half testing my primitive living/survival skills in the cascade mountains I’ve decided I don’t want to go through the rest of my life alone. I’m ready to settle in one area and share my life with the right person. Ideally that would be someone that is like minded and can help teach me new things. I’m new to the off grid community, but I’m strong, passionate, and a quick learner. I’m looking for someone who already has land and wants share a more simple, sustainable way of life.



    Sounds like you know what you want :) I wish you all the best luck on your journey. I wish there was some sort of dating service for off gridders. Having a soul mate with the same goals as you is a real blessing, I am fortunate to have a wonderful man along side of me.

    Tell me more about yourself.




    i’m not off grid just yet, but i’ve got the property with a nice size pond fed by an on property artesian spring that flows well over 5 gpm year round. my plans include solar panels, wind generators, and maybe a small hydroelectric, it’s so beautiful and peaceful here, i’m 51 yrs young, in fair shape, looking to get healthier, i quit smoking 5 yrs ago, i’m starting to walk more and i just bought a moutain bike to ride. oklahoma has 4 seasons, summer is hot, winter is cold, spring and fall is awesome!!



    Will be purchasing land in SE Oklahoma in May-June time frame. I work a full time job (from home), so will not be totally off grid.  If you are interested.



    I admire that you are seeking the serenity style lifestyle.  I too am searching for very similar of what you are seeking.  I would love to have who would enjoy this same lifestyle as I seek.  I do believe in finding that best friend first and let the rest happen naturally.  I am not currently off grid but I am deff looking at going to this lifestyle in the new year.  I am still planning everything out and have been doing it for a few years now, but deff looking at January of making it all happen.  I will be using all the knowledge I have gained over many years to make this new lifestyle change that I will enjoy.

    Thank You,

    Jason, PA 34



    Nice to see ladies who like “off the grid” actually exist.  :-)  I’m just beginning my search for a place and formulating my plan ahead.  Waiting just a few more years till military retirement, then will select a location and start my project once my life as a civilian (junior high school teacher and cross country coach?) begins.



    Hey there, nice to see a woman with the same mind frame as many of us. I plan on buying 10 acres in Utah in a few months and possibly setting up a homestead. If your interested let me  know and we can talk more.



    I am working on going off grid also. I’m from Pennsylvania, and have hunted and fished my whole life. I have outdoor skills that include trapping, hunting, fishing, building shelters and cabins. I have my own equipment for the most part. Axe, wwedgs, maul for log splitting. Fishing and hunting eqiptment with enough stuff to last forever. Draw knife for tree debarking, and furniture making. I am trying to find a woman to go off into the wilderness with for a happy life, that is hard work and also fulfilling. I’m 29, and realize a woman partner would make the dream easier to achieve and fun to share the experience with. Any ladies that wish to attempt this with me email me at I also will exchange a picture, because physical attraction matters if were going to grow together.



    I’m also a lady looking for an off-grid lifestyle. I’m 42, have thus far only worked for a large corporation and am now ready for a more enjoyable and fulfilling life. I have a Private Pilot’s Licence and consider myself a practical person but have little off-grid experience. For more details please contact me at



    I’ve been living totally off the power grid for over 20 yrs and haven’t been able to find an honest like minded mate yet. Had a few live ins and even married one but I’m alone again..

    I’m 59 but far from being dead. I have a professional career and nearing retirement. I designed and built my shack in the woods with the thought of never connecting to the power grid and I can assure you, no one can match my creativity in this scenario. I have no intention of relocating..

    I have 10 acres of property that is very secluded but not too far from civilization. Totally solar powered. (12 volt system) I collect rain water. (No Well) I compost all of my bathroom waste. (No Septic) I have chickens and a couple of outside cats. A very rugged driveway that is just a little over 1/3 of a mile long. (4WD is a must!) Don’t get many visitors.. LOL

    I’m an electronics technician by trade so you can imagine some of the gizmos that I may have around here. (Solar powered chicken coop door – Fully automatic dusk/dawn – Electric shower valve.. LOL – XM Radio via Bluetooth throughout *I Love Music!*) I’m building portable Bluetooth Speaker units presently.. (Need a lady with marketing skills or willing to at least try!)

    I love to create and tinker and I have 20 yrs worth of this invested in this place. This venture has become my lifetime off grid experiment and I Love It! Just one thing missing.. Where’s the love of my life..?

    So, here ya go, ladys. You want the real deal with a stable, intelligent, humorous, honest man that is home central, really doing the things that most only dream about? I have lots to teach. Age isn’t an issue but ya better be fit enough to keep up with me. (I can still chuck firewood just fine and I’m not too hard on the eyes either..) Don’t expect a mansion but a very practical shack in the woods with plenty of room for two. A diamond in the rough.. (Rain Water Showers, Propane fridges, wood heat, Sleep By Number Bed, ect..)

    Your turn..




    My name is Christopher.  I am a 31 yr old guy.  I am hard working and intelligent.  I live in southern Wisconsin.  I would like nothing more than to find a woman who shares my life goals. I’m getting the impression that we are looking for similar things.  Where are you hoping to settle down?  I’d love to hear from you :)



    I’m looking for off grid land but not in America….Europe, Spain or Italy.

    I love the Mediterranean.

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