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    Hi, My wife and I along with our children are planning to move from the US to Ontario Canada to start our new lives off the grid. We are purchasing 160 acres of land with all rights with it. Small creek on property, and near lakes. We would love to offer this to other families that wish to live the same. We can come together to create a community that help one another to live as comfortable as possible as simple as possible. No bills, just family and living. Of course before we go we want to get the things that we feel are needed(wood cook stove, solar panels, saw mill, etc.) just to help with everyday life, so we are thinking about making the move within and year or so. Along with going through the process to be able to live in Canada as a resident. Now, what we came up with is to offer families 3 acres to own legally for $2,000 to build their home and start making memories. We weren’t sure about starting a community at first so everything is still rough around the edges. Please feel free and leave comments and suggestions. If you are interested leave an email address and I will contact you promptly.



    Hey, shoot me a message at  Family of 7 looking to move off grid.



    Hello lovelivingsimple,

    I am currently living in Alberta, and have been contemplating on living off the grid, and take it from there, I am interested in your offer. I also have couple of friends who are interested, how many people are you looking for?


    Tired of Fighting

    I am Canadian, and have been contemplating too long.. Time to get free.. Your offer is $2,000 for 3 acres? I am a single woman, nearly 40.. My children are grown now.. Would your offer still apply to my situation?

    Thank you..



    I am 37 and my wife is 32 with three children. We live in Brantford ontario canada. My email is



    Hello I am 18 with a 2 year old son and I am planning on living off the grid. I have nothing to offer really other than a willingness to learn.



    where ya from lakotac? i may know a family that will let you help work for room and board



    I am a single 31 year mom with a 2 year old daughter. I have been wanting to live off the grid in a community setting for a long time now. I would absolutely love to do this. If you decide to make it a community please keep me in mind! I’m currently in TN but would,love to move up north. I love to help others when I can.



    Is this tread still active??
    I’m looking at going off grid in Ontario as well.
    I currently live in Ontario with many skills and still learning more before I make the leap
    I would like to buy some land and start a community with others if anyone is interested.
    my e-mail is



    Hi Guys,

    I was hoping someone on this thread would be interested in speaking with me. I’m a TV/documentary producer looking to develop a show that features off the grid communities. I’m particularly interested in families who recently made the jump or are looking to do so in the near future. The show would be an authentic look at daily life of families/communities who prefer to be truly self-sufficient.

    I’d love to hear more about your experiences and learn about what’s inspired you to live off the grid. If anyone here is willing to briefly speak with me via email or telephone. please reach out to and they will pass it on. P




    Esa Koho

    I’m a 56 year old single male, living in Ontario, and I want to go off the grid. I was wondering where the property you are buying is located? I hope it is in an unincorperated township, other wise the paperwork alone will be a nightmare. I have spent the last 6 years researching Straw Bale homes, and that is the direction I want to go. I am interested in hearing from you.



    My husband and I would love to live in an off grid community. Are you still accepting people to go off grid. Would love to do it this year. We are a mature couple with no kids. Please let us know. Thank you



    Hello, are you still looking for people to join your community. My husband & I would like to go off grid this summer. Please let me know.


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