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    I am a 22 year old filmmaker with a massive interest in off-grid living. I want to move off-grid myself eventually, living as sustainably as possible, but in the meantime I am making a film with a neuroscientist about how moving off-grid effects the physiology of the brain!

    Alot has been done with regards to off-grid homes in the media – house tours, obscure designs, and remote off-gridders have all been done before. However my indie documentary will focus on the psychology behind ditching society for a more sustainable life – how making this switch to be more independant and connected with nature effects wellbeing – and that if it is so good for the mind – then how come everyone doesnt do it?

    During filming, I will stay with off-gridders for a few days or weeks – however long each contributor feels comfortable – and we will have a couple of conversations on camera about lifestyle, challenges, and motivations. I will also do some general filming of your day to day life. During the film, a neuroscientist will link extensive research to the footage I collect with the off-gridders, explaining how this way off life is so much healthier and beneficial to wellbeing than the rat race which is indoctrinated into us from birth.

    I am looking for more off gridders to take part. You could be anywhere in the world, I will consider coming to you! This is a project that hasn’t really been touched upon before, and the final product would be a great keepsake for you to remind you of this time in the future – perhaps when your off-grid home has changed alot.

    If you would like to be involved, or just talk about your own theories on off-grid living and the mind, and hear my own hypotheses which I have researched with my neuroscientist friend, please drop me an email on

    Thank you so much for reading. Have a good day.

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