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    I have a 160 acre off-grid homestead on the Ca/Nv border near Oregon, remote, secluded, at end of unimproved road, surrounded by public lands (BLM).  I’m looking to sell the north 80 acre parcel to one or 2 folks who want to live in a similar simple off-grid style.  I’ve been here 12 years in a small cabin, hand-dug well, year-round, wood heat, solar & wind power.  I’m asking $25,000 for the 80 acres, terms available, prefer someone who has the skills to set up their own homestead and be a good neighbor.  The property has water rights and a 4 acre reservoir on an intermittent creek.  I’ve been supplementing with rain gutter catchment plus hauling some water from town during the current unprecedented drought. There’s a good aquifer underlying the property, if one has the financial means to drill a well.  Anyone interested in finding out more can email me at:

    dunevalleyite at yahoo dot com

    I check this forum frequently as well, if you have questions about the area, weather, etc.


    sounds like a deal to me, im interested
    what kind of growth is there? trees and such?
    any critters?
    whats the soil like? are there many rocks?
    whats the average rainfall?
    what are building codes like?
    and land taxes?
    is there wireless internet in the area?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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