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    My name is Mike, I am 25 years old, college educated and extremely intelligent. Basically, I am tired of the way our Society is heading, I am saddened by the way Technology has made us lazy as a species, I am unable to continue the “Rat Race” no more! I feel like my goal in life is to work towards creating a Haven in this chaotic world, somewhere I can find like minded people where we can grow as Humans into hard working morally sound people. I am strong, smart and my work ethic is bar none. I have MANY skills which I can Contribute, Electrical, Diplomatic, Leadership, Education, Farming, General Labor, irrigation development, sanitation, I am Analytical and I have a knack for probability. I strive for knowledge and I yearn to learn!

    My downfall is i am leaving a Minimalist life, I would arrive with very little, I want to build up, start over and achieve my ultimate goal of Off grid living. I would love a place where there are at least some social people trying to build a strong social community, for instance possibly meet a woman in the future and such, i am not looking to be a Hermit, haha. I would be coming alone, with VERY little, my cash would be going towards my greyhound fare, and ill hike the rest! I have an amazing skillset to offer, something you rarely find in an adult my age. If you can help me get off grid, I will offer my skills, strength and knowledge for the betterment of the community. I am REALLY trying to achieve this before the winter season, i need to be prepared for winter.

    Please consider my request as i cannot do the whole “standard society” thing NO MORE!



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