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    Hi my name is Lila and i’m currently in Missouri. I’m in the process of selling everything i own and buying a RV to move to Nevada. I found some really cheap undeveloped land out there. I’m thinking of getting 10 acres but even with a steady income coming in I wont be able to afford it all on my own. A bit about me, i’m a single mom who is disabled with lower back issues. Alot of it is the weight i’ve gained and being depressed with my life style. I have a 12 year old Autistic son (high functioning) that needs to get away from the life we have now also. My plans are to move out to nevada and start a off grid farm. I plan on having enough on there i will not need to rely on going to the store for everything like i do now (almost 600 a month in food). But i dont know anything about electronics or plumbing, my back limits me on alot that i can do that is why i planned raised garden beds and stuff i wont have to bend to much to do. but I also know alot of what needs to be done is a two person job and i have no problem working but i gotta be realistic and admit i can’t do it all myself. I can live in the RV without an issue myself but i would like to have a nice place for my son. Not sure if that makes sense lol. I am going to do this but it would just be easier if i had another pair of hands. I’m not looking for a life partner or anything like that just a friend. Families would be welcome too. and since i will be driving the RV to there i can pick someone up on my route. If you are interested let me know please. and just to give you an idea of my skills that i will be bringing i designed a self watering system for the green house in about 5 minutes, took the rough draft to a friend that is a general contracter and he said it would work perfect. So i can get creative when i need to and i also know a bit about gardening and working with animals.

    Thanks and have a great Day



    Hello Lila I am interested in helping and working with you please contact me. Im David

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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