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    Hello I am new to this community, I am a 23 student currently working full time in SLC UT saving money for my 2014 trip to move to San Diego in my Toyota pickup and sleep in my camper. I have figured this much: Getting a 24 hour gym membership to shower and plan on getting wifi at public libraries and university where I will probably spend most of my downtime. Eat fresh things from markets and grocery stores. I plan on getting a full time job and save enough to start the process in buying land or travel for a while in South America.

    Anyone done anything similar or tips on what to expect? Anyone in CA live already off the grid that would be willing to let me park for a while and camp? I plan on hiking as much as humanely possible and love meeting new people.





    Sounds like a fun adventure.

    Good idea using the gym membership. Of course, many restaurants have free wifi, and you probably already know about this – but here are a couple of sites that list out some less obvious places:

    Apparently, several California  state parks also have fee wifi.

    Make sure your vehicle is in top shape and be sure to carry some spare parts and supplies for it.

    Good luck!





    I’m a trucker so I live in my truck 90% of the time lol. I have a camper and I use a friends land to park it. He shares electric and water with me. I’m only there 2 to 4 days per month. You can also get a free shower at truck stop if you ask truckers who may not need a shower at the time. We get free shower with 50gal fuel purchase. Otherwise it cost near $10 for shower.

    Good Luck



    somedays i almo9st miss my time drivin a big rig…almost…lol
    but what caver says about the showers is true, ive gotten a few free showers
    bhack when i drove and was down on my luck
    most drivers are real good people, just be polite and honest

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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