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    Hello all! I am here to ask for advice. I have a picture in my mind, and my heart is burning to make it or something close to it a reality as soon as possible. How hard of a lifestyle do you think it would be to maintain a year round garden (or create a self sustaining food forest?) as a group, trading produce with other people for store bought goods on a regular basis (example a bag of sugar for a bag of potatoes), making and selling crafts in spare time for $$, having no job within society and no bills if you so desire, and powering the community with a series of water wheel generators set up along a strong flowing river?






    turn your taters into sugar, it aint hard



    It’s much harder than you expect. If you can find the right sort of people to join you in a community, then it’ll help, but nothing is as simple as it seems when you’re thinking/dreaming about it.  For a start, you always need money. Fact of life. (at least, modern life!) If you have a good chunk of cash to start out, or a private income, then it’s not so hard. I’ve been trying to do this sort of thing all my adult life, with some success, but not a great deal. Everything takes longer than you expect, costs more, and is more difficult. That’s not to say you shouldn’t want it, or try to do it. Just giving you a little warning lol. It’s not an easy life. It can be a good life, if you are not too difficult to please, don’t mind a lot of hard work and can be happy living under very basic conditions. Oh, and you also need to be very resilient, easy going, and diplomatic if you’re doing this with a group of other people, because there will always be disagreements about how you live and do things.

    Good luck with it though, it’s a fantastic ideal :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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