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    I have found 150 acres of amazing land in North Ontario.

    I want to have a community of other off-grid families around us.

    If you have ever dreamed of building your own cabin up north and going off grid then let’s team up and work together. Let’s build an off-grid community.

    My plan is to raise another $8000 for the deposit/legal fees and visit the land early Summer/Late Spring .

    My family spent 2 months outdoors on crown land and hiking trails last year and is ready to spend a summer outside on site with tents while we plan out and start our build.

    I am open to having a partner/partners and would love it if we could start a community co-op for growing/livestock and building once the land is established.

    I grew up in a 12×12 cabin with a wood stove when I was a kid. I miss that. I want my children to have the amazing childhood I had in the country.

    It was isolated however, there was one other kid my age and I didn’t like her much. The only thing that was missing was community.

    My kids don’t have many friends as it is. Most of the time my daughter ditches her friends to go read. She wants me to homeschool and has drawn blueprints for her cabin already. She’s 9.

    I think she has the same issues my partner and I have. We Love people, it’s just that real people are so hard to find and no one likes a fake. As open as we are to having new people in our lives we can’t seem to find anyone who isn’t more into cellphones and tv shows as they are into REALITY.

    I’d like to meet some individuals, freethinkers and off gridders who can help and guide our family on this journey to total freedom.

    People with experience are invaluable. My partner and I are both experienced hunters/anglers with employment background in construction and trades. We’re also experienced with growing and gardening. I love cooking and want to start making my own canned preserves once we settle in. We both love horses and dogs.

    I have no idea how to set up a rainwater system or solar panels. Help me out here?

    Hopefully we meet some people who want to join in on our project!

    Thanks for reading.


    sounds fun, except for ther snow….lol
    ill think on it


    beast, I second that. I’d love to live in canada, but I’ve dealt with snow all my life here in pennsylvania. I’m planning to move south a few states. I’m an electrician / programmer who has loved 12 volt electricity since I was your daughters age. you’re welcome to pick my brain about any solar questions. I also build my own hydroponic automation. I’ll likely build my own high efficiency charge controller, but that’ll be a big project. I don’t yet have experience with whole house solar, but I have a good understanding of it all, and equipment will soon be on order to start experimenting.


    My system is totally 12 v.d.c. and has been since ’89. I collect rain water. (No well) I compost all of my bathroom waste. (No septic) I heat with wood. Propane fridges and heat my water with a tank less propane heater. I have a 74″ Projection TV/DVD Player with surround sound in my living room and everything else that I need.. (No Inverter Involved)

    If I had a forklift and set this place up there, it would work just as well. Might need to add a few panels but.. I’m not going anywhere..


    why dont you build a methane digester 12vman, you could make your own gas that way and not need propane


    They don’t work so well in the winter. Might get away with it in the summer but..

    I can survive without propane. It’s just a luxury..


    insulate the tanks, they work fine
    they usually create enuff heat to keep themselves stable just by burying them

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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