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    Ok this is a repost from a few years back here is the old landbuddy thread

    Basically nothing much has happened except im just plodding along

    I took a fulltime job to keep the wolf from the tent flap and that pretty

    much killed most of my spare time of the original posting I did have

    one person come to visit and look at taking on 10 acres of his own

    but he was “ill suited” that is a polite way of saying he was a thieving little

    expletive and Im pretty sure he is hiding out from the law or the mafia

    or his girlfriends EX husband.

    anyway sorry for that little rant the land and the people around here are great and the

    more I get to know the place the more I love it. More and more people seem to be moving in

    to the area but we all still have plenty of space and freedom.

    Its getting close to winter now and that will sure take its toll on new settlers many people who have spent time

    and resources building a home will probably leave and never come back it can be THAT hard if its a bad winter.

    Anyway still hope to get a villiage started but its also good to be a part of the small spread out town around here.

    If any of you find yourselves looking at Montello or Wells NV USA look me up




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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