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    I dunno what happened my landbuddy post ended up in events?


    Your post concerning a community formation did get through. I just posted a reply. However I too have noticed several of my posts disappearing. I contacted one moderator and was told ther was no recodd of my posts being deleted by a moderator Hmmmm?


    This website is NOT user friendly.I just tried to return to your post on Land Buddy and sure enough it had disappeared together with my comment.

    Going back to your thoughts on community. Forming a community of like minded people is perhaps the most important development in going off grid.

    Humans are communal beings. Living in isolation as a couple or an individual is not conducive to good living. People are happier and productive in a collctive group even if it is just to socialize after work. There is a reason why solitary confinement is used as extra punishment in prisons.

    Although I am primarily an engineer and tend to think mostly in terms of technical solutions for going off grid I have been giving this social aspect a lot of thought in my spare time. When a good friend recently disappeared from the internet I began wondering and then worrying that he was in hospital. He has already had 4 bypass surgeries and is in danger of loosing his legs.

    there was much relief when he finally showed up. Turns out he was in the hospital but because his sister was there, not because of his medicalproblems.

    Going off-grid in isolation and remote from other people may seem attractive when you first escape from the pressure cooker of urban living.

    There comes a time when this isolation is not so attractive and may in fact be a liability.

    Last week I had a minor stroke and my wife was unable to get me to a hospital 50 miles away. Sh was unable to find anyone able or willing to help. Our vehicle was not mobile at the time. This brought home to me the liability of being off-grid and remote from other people.

    The only friends she managed to reach was friends 500 miles away. They could offer little but moral support but this highlights how a community of any kind fulfils a non technical purpose.


    Hi i have on several occasions i tried to reply to landbuddy posts and it never

    seems to make it and just recently tried making a post myself and it does not seem to have got through i dont think im doing anything against guidlines to get the post denied.

    if one of the mods has denied any of my posts could you just let me know so i dont wast anymore time with it.or is there something i am missing?


    yep i have been trying to reply all day im sorry for your stroke and that you

    had nobody who would help.I believe in helping my neighbor if able i cant help thinking you may be in a bad location.

    Ill reply more tomorrow bedtime here


    Now the post in question is back in landbuddy but missing the first sentence or 2 also lots of trouble yesterday logging in and staying logged in.

    Elnav i think we are similar in that i have also concentrated on the technical aspects of off grid living and i feel like that is my weak point.there is something that I am missing and I can not realy even explain what it is

    except to say the social life of community.

    i lived in a small village of about 300 people once a mix of what i affectionately call rednecks and hippies and while its true there

    was often disagreements that little village had a great atmosphere.

    many little businesses and fun people i loved living there.

    thats why i think many different types of people are needed to truly make

    a community but with a simple ideal to bond them together and with the

    right people glue.

    Im thinking back now to that little village and there was one or 2 people

    who were the people glue. a hippy lady who I always thought of as the queen of the hippies lol she got on well with everyone and was often having parties and

    plays for the community.and a big redneck guy who did not always get on with everyone but he was an amazing human networker if you wanted something done

    wanted to find something or someone get rid of something he was the guy to

    talk to.

    there was I guess other people who cemented the community together as well

    but those are the 2 that come to my mind the socialite and the human craigslist


    You are more right than you suspect. We live near what was a community of approximately 300. Unfortunately the saw mill shut down the store burnt and the school enrolment is no so low the autthorities are talking about closing it and bussing the kids 50 miles to nearest real town. Never mind this requires kindergarden and grades 1,2, 3, to get up at 5:00 AM for what is a 2 hour bus ride. Last winter the school bus for high school kids broke down and it took 3 hours for a rescue bus to arrive in -15F winter weather. Suppose it had been the small kids in a bus. Oh and then ther as the mishap whe a school bus slid off the icy road into a ravine. Sometime a small village or town is better than bigger cities spread further apart.

    You are right on target about personalities being the people glue.

    Sadly modern big city life is not conducive to development of such personalities. It is an unfortunate side effect that computer gaming, TV and computers with internet tend to discourage interpersonl relationship development. When you look around in any community to see who the people are that really make events happen its often the older generation who aremaking it happen. When I first saw someone expressing a wish to collect a group of people for the purpose of forming an off-grid community I wondered how that wwould work. Where I live many people are already off-grid either partially of completely. Yet this has never been the basis for a community spirit nor has it become a community focal point. Economic forces is busy tearing it apart. Younger people are busy moving away chasing jobs. What remains are older retired people who can manage to live on old age pension checks. When this in no longer practical they also move away.

    Finding and recruiting younger people to form a sustainable community is going to be a real challenge. In order to be sustainable, agriculture or permaculture ha to be an integral part. Finding people interested in this will require a certain amount of promottion and advertising. This website serves a good purpose in that regard.

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