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    Hello all.  My name is Jason.  I am new to the forum.  I want to make the move in a year or so off the grid in either Northern California or the Pacific Northwest coast of Oregon or Washington.  I will have around 20,000 dollars to begin with for land, windmills, etc.

    I plan on continuing work and study so I would want to live within 30 minutes of a city.  My goal is not to go full off the grid growing my own food and hunting for meat.  It is rather to own the place where I live and escape being a slave to banks and the fickle employment situation in the US at the moment.  I have degrees in history and philosophy so I am limited in my job opportunities.  Right now, I am teaching English in Latin America.  My rationale is that any minimum wage job will be sufficient to live on if I don’t have a mortgage.  I also prefer having a job I enjoy that pays little rather than a job I hate that pays for a lifestyle that is not necessary.  I guess what I am saying is the age-old expression that happiness is more important than money.

    I also have to add that want to live as close as possible to the Pacific Ocean.  This is important.

    I was wondering if anyone has any advice or experience in this region.  Where should I look to buy land?  What characteristics should I look for when buying land? What are the policies and restrictions within said locales?  What advice could you give living in this region and setting up my house and lifestyle?  Any information helps.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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