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    I live off grid about 85 % of the time….8 miles from the paved highway and electricity….15 miles from a small town..all there is there is a post office and a cafe and some antique shops. I am probably about 50 miles from the nearest Walmart (that’s how we measure how far out we are now right?) anyway ther is no cell phone service right at my place so I use Hughes net and Skype for most of my communications. I have a small fith wheel that I live in with a pretty nice porch that I built. My water comes from a solar well but we also have 4 springs on the place. I have a small solar system that keeps the trailer going and also a Honda generator that I have to run occasionally. I have a bigger solar system that I already bought but haven’t built the building to hold it yet . I love the Challenge of living out here and the freedom that it allows ….I do have my own business and take care of a lot of it from up here but I still have to go to town a couple of days a week to take care of business and see my wife and she comes up here on the weekends ….anyway if anyone would be interested I was thinking about starting a video blog about how we do thing here…….let me know thanks !




    I about 3 hours away from the nearest big Walmart, I believe I have some of the smaller ones within a couple of miles, and yes, that is how we measure it! :)

    I think it would be very nice to have you doing a video blog, let us know where it’s going to be :)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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