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    Hello to everyone!

    I’ve just signed up here in hopes that I might develop some further understanding of what is involved in a new type of life that I’m hoping to create for myself.

    My thoughts are as follows:

    I’d like to purchase a small piece of land, likely somewhere in the range of .5 to 1 acre in size, with the intention of building upon it a very small house, ala Walden –  approximately 20′ x 15′ x 13′ with a wood-burning stove, no running water (looking for a place near a stream) but with the possibility of solar power. But maybe not even that – I’d certainly be up for the challenge.

    This all seems wonderful and fine, but I’m sadly, though inevitably faced with the legality of it all. I’d like to try and get a solid understanding of the basic legal necessities of such an undergoing, and this is why I’m posting here today. Understand that I have absolutely no experience with zoning laws, etc. so excuse any naïve questions.

    Does the government require any standing facility meant to be inhabited to have running water, electricity, etc. in order to be acceptable?

    What types of payments will I be required to pay (pretty much referring to taxes…)? Will my paying them reveal my not-so-“proper” living situation?

    Those are pretty much the two questions that have come to mind right off the bat. I’m open to any other pieces of info you all may be able to provide. Just list it all out if you can!

    Of the conflicts that I will possibly be faced with, what are some potential workarounds?

    I do realize there are state laws, and generally area-specific matters that need to be considered, so not all advice is necessarily universal.

    Another plan would be to purchase a camper or trailer with the money that would have been put into building material. I would spend much time parked on my purchased land – multiple weeks, etc. If I went that route, would there be fewer legal matters? Different legal matters? No legal matters at all? I’d still prefer building a situated home, but the trailer/camper possibility is not impossible.


    So, I’ll leave it at that. Right now these plans are all up in the air, and mostly in my mind. But the money is there and so is the spirit, and as far as I’m concerned those are the only things that are required. Some general bits of advice, possible alternatives, and so on are all very welcome.

    Much appreciated!



    all depends on where you decide to move to and build on most places yes have building codes that you

    must adhere to legally,  running water and 110/220 wiring is also normally stipulated.

    in a lot of places a min square footage is also a requirement.

    Campers have different requirements but you will still probably find yourself

    looking down a rule list in the end.

    For example here I think 4 weeks and the RV needs to be moved or you need to have a

    code septic installed


    some places while these codes are on the books they are not normally enforced


    All i can tell you about where is dont try California.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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