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    I live in canada,I am very interested in learning the different ways to achieve self sustainability,  to be accomplished with the least amount of hassles it should be within legislation in your area ,which brings me to a few questions for everyone.

    I read a lot of threads here and other places with offers of selling small pieces of property from a larger piece of property,

    example, 180 acres of land, owner will sell 10-20 acres pieces for $20,000 each

    In canada(depending on province), majority of rural land is regulated on the minimum land size, in manitoba this is called AG-80, which is agricultural land and the minimum land size is 80 acres, this still varies in sizes depending on your municipality zoning by laws. the closer to towns and populated areas the easier it is to rezone land size smaller for residences

    to my knowledge i have not heard of municipalities allowing such drastic zoning by law, due to the major factor that once zoning has been changed to allow for more residences, the farming practices around the zone change could be drastically changed once this has occurred.

    canada legislation as i know it, we are all tenants, canada legislation holds superior title to all lands. all land owners are also on title as tenants in common or joint tenants. in different provinces you get different rights to the natural resources, example: wood, minerals etc, depending on the province will depend on what is granted with title and what rights you have to apply for to see if it can/will be granted.

    canada has from what i have found 2 different types of townships(rural property only), organized municipalities, and unorganized municipalities.

    -organized municipalities have a municipal office, board 10+ members , by laws and regulations, school tax, building permits required, and land assessments. etc

    -unorganized municipalities have none of the above. the land is taxed by land value only, and not the buildings. federal and provincial legislation applies. municipal board is 1-3 individuals that live in the area.

    a few questions now

    1. if land can NOT be sub-divided into smaller sections within legislation,what options are available to allow others to lease,rent, buy smaller pieces of land that would be acceptable to both parties?

    2.If only renting leasing is acceptable within legislation, what type of agreement would you find mutual agreeable, being the land owner also if your the renter or leaser.

    I am very interested in your opinions and ideas, it seems legislation wants to make it hard for people to work together to get out of the commercial rat race, therefor in my opinion figuring out the land is the foundation to any idea that involves more than 1 household.

    any and all ideas are appreciated in advance





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