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    Greetings OTG Friends,

    I have been working towards creating a OTG sustainable aquaponics /PV solar farming community on the Hopi Lands Reservation, North of the Flagstaff area in arizona usa.

    I do have friends in the Hopi community that are willing to work with us and provide land when we are ready to move and start building.

    I am looking for other proactive-awake-positive-drama free and OTG minded people that wish to work and live together to create a sustainable future for our families and for all those who we can help.

    Note that I am a smart prepper that has been watching the NWO progress plans all my life. I have been actively preparing since 1984. I am an engineer by trade and also trained as a home birther and emt med tech. I have deep skills in Permaculture, Hydrofarming, Aquaponics, Solar/Wind and water power systems. Currently learning Dry Farming techniques. Also working on two mobile-modular kit solutions for solar/wind farming and AquaponicsVerticle Farming that we can build/barter to other OTG communities.

    if seriously interested, please contact me directly at

    I am planning on moving sometime before next summer (spring 2013)

    Namaste and Blessing to all your families.


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