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    Hi all.

    My name is Chris, and I’m new here.  I’ve been learning about off-grid projects for years now.  I’ve been fascinated by tiny homes, earthships, solar and wind projects, and tons of other stuff.  One of the big problems I’ve seen though, is that most blogs and websites seem to assume that if you’re going off-grid, then you’ve got a huge budget for it.

    I’ve been trying to compile a collection of off-grid projects that don’t cost a fortune.  I started a blog, Low-Budget Off-Grid to detail what I found, and I’ll be using many of these options in the near future when I build my off-grid home.

    So what I’m wondering from all of you lovely people, are the low-cost projects you know of.  Do you know of a really cheap way to heat a home, or to collect, store, or filter water?  Do you know of a really low-cost way of powering your home, or of even building the home?  I’d love to know about it.

    Thanks all!



    For building a house you can scavenge old tires and fill with dirt for the walls for power use a generator but remove the gas tank and rig up a stationary bike to the motor you’ll need batterys still though for heat build a box that’s about a foot deep and the same dimensions as the window then crush cans and attach to inside surface of box cover every inch of the inside with them spray black then vent the top of box to the inside of your house a fan for circulation

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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