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    Hi everyone,

    let me start by telling you all a little bit about myself, Im 44 white male, married,(not a good situation) anyway, im a master carpenter, and generally handy in most anything else, if i dont know things i can usually figure it out over time. i just quit smoking after 30 years of two packs a day, yeah pretty proud of that. finances are in the crapper, im a business owner of a very small ( im the only employee) remodeling company. that is going under fast due to lack of work coming in. ive actually been trading work for rent. for the last year. doing small stuff to live on. So heres my deal, I am ready for change. i have read a lot on off grid living, and ive read a lot of your post. Desert Deb, Elnav, and a few other regulars here, and i see how much you people love it.

    i am so ready for this. but i want to live completely free, pay only in the hard work that takes to live free. now obviously i know i ant live 100% free, but as close to it as i can.

    i have looked at Slab city in Cali, and i dont know if this is the place for me. right now im in Michigan, but Slab city just seemed a little shaky to me.

    do any of you know of any other communities that i can go to, and do what i want to do, i plan to live in a tent. or if possible where i go build a small shed type building to live in. grow my own food. and if i am in a community possibly trade my skills in anyway that i can to help me survive.

    I am an avid bicycle rider, and i plan to use this as my main mode of transportation, i also have a pickup truck that i will keep for use where a bike just wont cut it.

    so any advice, knowledge, or help would be greatly appreciated. i plan to make the move to somewhere other than here, in may or June.

    i do not have the money to buy land. figure i should put that in there so there’s no misunderstanding.

    again thank you all very much


    desert deb

    Always glad to see motivated newbies. Before you pick a place do a walk thru just like a house. Always able to find a place for a tent, if you pass this way. If you are starting slow and from the beginning sit down and make a list of what is important to you and what you require in geography to get that. i think buffett talked about that. If you know you will be using a tent as a starting base you will want to limit to warm areas also as a biker you will want to look at that, out here beautiful country and a lot of biking however its mountainous. the biggest issue out here is that its seems to take an hour to go anywhere, gotta route around those mountains. Look at short term and long term, they might not be the same, or the one might be a means to the other. Good luck, if i can help let me know, there is always something to do out here and a way to pay your way.



    might have a contact for you in what i think is a good area NE Nevada

    for a job building lots of available land here and very cheap to get yourself a piece of dirt.they also provide housing and utilities if they want you but the wages are fairly small

    but if your a druggie,alcholic,lazy or ex felon forget it they background check and dont waste time sacking a lazy but or someone who cant do well

    what they were hired for.

    no promises but if your interested contact me through youtube user damocsell

    and ill send you a contact phone number for a company in the area that i think needs some help with building and remodeling.



    Desert Deb, can i ask what area your in, ive been looking at Slab city to just get out west and have a place to live free, but what ive found reading about it out there, is theres no way sustain myself as far as food goes without having to have money to buy it, doesnt look to good for growing anyway, and i understand that most out there are either snowbirds or people like myself wanting to just be free and live free, so i dont think slab city is for me, ive contacted a couple people about barter living, my work for their accommodations and meals. one is in Pa dont really want to go east or north on a bicycle and in a tent,lol would rather go west or south, mountains dont bother me on a bike, just another challenge not a road block. i figure living free i dont have to be in a hurry to get anywhere, so if it takes me a couple hours to push a bike up a hill then so be it. i would really be interested in talking with you aboout working out that way, can you email at if you want to. or if you feel more comfortable here in the forum is fine.


    desert deb

    Southeast az. Send ya text later, gotta go duke it out with batteries, some guy out here yesterday and did something now whole system down an phone is dead.



    good luck getting your system back up and running, hope to hear from you soon


    desert deb

    I got it, he knocked the negative post connectors off the 6volt batteries. Ok lights again. Sent message if you dont get let me know.



    where did you send it to? you can email me at if you want

    glad to hear it was something simple to fix.


    desert deb

    Sent to that email.



    with all the requests about where to live and grow your own food I am surprised at absence of mention of permaculture and associated homesteads and communities. Is it because people want to keep a good thing hidden or because they do not know about it. I do know some of you frequent because I have seen your posts including photodocumentation of your projects but the general lack of mention puzzles me. and then there are the ‘transition communities’ which would also be a place to get going on off-grid living even if only gradually.

    This latter is likely where I can make a difference. After several strokes I am pretty much tied to proximity of a doctor and hospital. but I can teach people about going off grid and some of the elements of permiculture, and energy conservation.

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