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    Two tank fuls of gas. Hmmmm? I drive a conventional Ford pick up truck it comes standard with dual fuel tanks. This allows me to drive 700 kilometer before needing a fill up. Draw a circle radius of 700 kilometers around any urban center of population 10,000 or greater. Doesn’t leave much area left over outside the circles.

    Country folks tend to be accustomerd to winter storms blocking roads so they more often than not tend to have a couple of weeks if not months supply of food staples on hand. I cannot think of any of my city dwelling friends having a months supply of food stored on hand just in case. Having lived in both city and country I am imclined to vote country as a better place to be if all hell breaks loose.


    It is the conventional wisdom that if the system breaks down for reasons of collapsed economy, or some sudden natural disaster, then the best place to be is the countryside, “more than two tanks of gas from the nearest conurbation,” in a rural community with provisions and the means to grow more.

    However a few folks on different discussion boards have been questioning that – wondering whether actually the city might be a better bet…..let’s open a discussion about that.

    I will post about it later today


    I live less than a tank of gas from the largest pop. center

    in Canada, 5th in North America. How many days food do you

    think there is here on average. If the trucks stop rolling

    for more than a week what happens we all agree to sit and

    starve together? no electricity – most of these people

    wouldn’t even be able to get water and what they could get

    wouldn’t be fit to drink. There’s a reason to watch Survivor


    The country would tend to fare better. Still, local grocery stores and farmers’ markets would be disrupted by the same distribution system the cities have. It would only be a matter of days before all grocery stores and gas stations are out of supply. The cities, with their huge demands would fall to chaos. Crime, murder, cannibalism—all would be not long in coming. Even with the military attempting to restore order, they would have limited food and fuel supplies, too.

    Unless the rural area has organized cooperative, well defended villages with some manufacturing ability, solar and wind electric, good wells, self heated greenhouses and homes, bio-diesel for necessary machinery, and large stockpiles of a variety of goods and food products—they won’t make it too long.


    Hi Dustoffer.

    This is an excellent question that opens the floor for further discussion. I am new to the site, still learning, but I have been thinking about this for a while, esp. as I am an older lady living alone, like so many seniors. Most of the people I know don’t even think about what might happen, even tho the economy is not going to get better without major changes I think. But they just go along like things will be as they used to.

    To answer your question, will it be better in city or country if things go nuts; I think country is the way to go. I have lived in both smaller towns and cities. Mid-size cities I am not so sure about, I am speaking of places having around 100,000 as mid-size. I think towns of less than 100,000 are better, but not suburbs of major cities. I think roving gangs would attempt to victimize suburbs first, as they are closer, and usually more affluent.

    People in cities rob each other alot when times are good!

    Do I hear you saying that living alone will be a thing of the past if the system breaks down? I LOVE having my own place, but how would anyone, including big strong armed guys, defend themselves without help if there is a breakdown? We are already infested with violent gangs, and we are a more populous and violent country than we were in the Depression. The idea that massive numbers of people will quietly starve while traveling the country looking for work, or standing in huge lines waiting for soup,as they did then, may not hold up today.

    The idea of villages equipped for defense is a good one in my mind, but my misgiving is, will they be elitist, ie, will some be excluded based on politics, religion, ethnicity, whether they are liked, young, and so on? Is it going to be so bad that we become barbarians, and only the younger stronger ones band together, and all others are on their own? How do we do this?



    Better question is how to restore order and it’s not the

    military they are being controlled by the people who’s greed

    is causing all the ecomomic problems just like the mass media.

    No the small people need to ban together, get to know your

    neighbors,build relationships and trust, who knows the next

    real big collaspe maybe the start of something better.


    I would say where ever you are, city or country, you need to be prepared for short and long term disasters, have a supply of food and water, it doesn’t have to be a lot, most disasters are short term, if you are able to get by for at least …2 weeks without having to leave your home, then you are far ahead of the masses. Get foods that don’t require cooking or heating, canned foods, there are lots of rice and noodle dishes that are pre-made in packages that can be eaten right out of the package. It doesn’t cost much to buy up a few extra packages of food like this each week or each payday, shop at dollar stores to get good buys. Canned meats, chicken, turkey, ham, tuna… you can even get these in foil packs so they will not take up too much space.

    Buy cheap bottled water and store these, if you can’t afford it, then recycle plastic soda bottles, just be sure you clean them well and add a few drops of plain chlorine bleach, honestly if you can afford to buy soda, you can afford to buy cheap bottled water, it doesn’t need to be the uber expensive water, look for store brands. These tend to take up more space, you can get creative where you store them, line them up in the back of your closet, under your bed…

    As you are doing this, and it would be utterly irresponsible if you choose not to, you can be buying up other things that may be needed if you have to shelter in place, things like first aid-bandages, alcohol, aspirin, ibuprofen, tape… if you can afford it, invest in a good first aid kit.

    There are lots more things to do to really be prepared, but if you will just START doing it, starting this payday, you will be much better off than if you didn’t do anything. Before anyone says “I can’t afford to do any of this…”, my response is how can you afford not to, do you really think the government is going to take care of you? Remember the last few natural disasters and what those people went though? Do you want to be in that boat?

    Shop at the dollar stores to make your money go even farther, save your money for important things, do you really need to eat out at lunch? Bring your lunch to work and you will save lots of money. Cut down on your frivolous expenditures, do you really need every channel on cable or satellite? How much money can you save by getting a cheaper package, or perhaps cutting it off altogether? I know I’m asking tough things of you, but in a SHTF situation, when you are standing there with your world falling apart, will you be wishing you had watched another soap opera or will you be glad you purchased some food and water to get you though whatever problem you are facing…



    Live in Ontario –

    1935 6.1 earthquake, largest

    1954, last hurricane

    1985, last tornato that did any damage in this area.

    Biggest disaster in my lifetime (51 years) the

    Blackout of 2003.

    A day and a half without power. So it was home made wine

    (the beer store was closed and I was out) and a BBQ.

    Note I keep enough food to last a week and I include my

    son, his wife and my 2 grandkids, my other son, my mother and

    my wife for a total of 8.

    If every house hold did the same then we would surpass a week



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