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    I want to get out but I don’t know how.

    I have no one to talk to about this. I guess I am kind of just looking for some sort of validation. That there is more to life than just going to school to get a big job to make big money to get a big house and big car.

    Isn’t it okay to be small?



    I’ve been off-grid for over 30 years, in both big houses and little houses.  My wife and I currently live in a very small house in Colorado and we see nothing wrong with small at all, and there is wisdom in it.  There’s nothing to be scared of and it’s an adventure.  The adventure starts when you start.  My youtube page is here:

    Stay in touch and jump in!




    Hey Mac.. if you are still interested in the off the grid journey.. email me and we can talk more. I’m looking to leave for my adventure fairly soon



    Read a great many posts on here…..a great many.  There are a lot of blind spots. No one actually defines going of grid.  What is it really?  You have to have money to buy the land, equipment, supplies, pay taxes, gas for your car, bank account-cash, homesteading  skills.  To me, living off grid is a very seductive and incorrect illusion.  There is actually no way to be off grid if that means disconnected from dependence on mainstream resources.  Sure you can become less dependent but not untangled from the grid of your society.  Unless you own nothing, don’t have to work or become completely destitute.  So, how about actually defining what you all mean by off-grid?



    If you can disconnect yourself totally from the power grid and provide yourself with a comfortable, humble life, you are better off than 99.9% of the major mainstream population. Hence, Off Grid.

    Any other provisions that you can provide for yourself to survive outside of the things/items that are a must to acquire (meds, money, clothing, whatever you can’t make/produce for yourself ) is a plus.

    The more knowledge/skills one has and is willing to live a very conservative life, the more separation one can provide themselves from the mainstream. I agree.. In most cases, it’s impossible to totally segregate from society, being the option of getting all of the materials needed to produce many things from one area..



    Hello 12V Man…ty for the clarification and one helpful and concise definition of living off grid.  As for being scared, all the changes we decide to make in our lives are scary because of the unknowns, fears of what we perceive as failure.  However, you will never KNOW how you will do until you try.  I’m an elder now and when I was younger, I literally lived out of my backpack from job to job in each state for 20 years plus.  I hitch hiked to each job area (talking about scary as a Black woman! lol).  I did it though and do not regret my ignorance and education through those experiences.  There are a lot of folks on this site to guide and advise.  Take from them what you need and step out.  You will fail in many aspects but that’s how we humans learn.  I wish you well to I’m scared and all you folks doing what you can :)




    I still work a full time job.. 42 miles away from my home! I’ve been doing this for over 20 yrs. I couldn’t survive well without the medical insurance and I must travel for decent pay..

    I’m somewhat dependent on propane. It gives me a stove to cook on and refrigeration BUT I could survive without it..

    I have no well. I collect rain water for almost everything except drinking/cooking BUT I have a Berkey filter and some filters stashed, just in case. I usually get my cooking/drinking water from a known safe source but..

    I’m totally dependent on my solar panels and batteries. My batteries are at the foot of my bed so I can keep an eye on them. I treat them like a family member. I installed my panels right the first time so no issues there. It would take a direct lightning strike to cause me issues..

    My battery will last 8-10 yrs. Everything is geared to operate directly from them. I own 1-400 watt inverter to charge batteries for my tools and other things that I’m too lazy to build a charger for. I don’t rely on an inverter for any of my normal life functions..

    It took me many years to culture my lifestyle. Trial and error is my best teacher. Read, Try, Fail, Regroup and find a resolve with the information gained for a function or objection. You can’t be a quitter..

    Things are always evolving around here. Anymore it’s for creature comforts. I have the basic survival necessities pretty much under control..

    I’m 58 as I type. I’m in no hurry to give up just yet. I started this venture in my early 30’s and I was scared to death! I was a total city boy that had never even camped out much BUT I was determined to change my life. I had no support or even a computer to gain knowledge at the beginning. Just the knowledge I gained to that point in life. Had many tough periods that almost took my life because of stupidity but I learned every time I messed up. You can’t imagine how many times I gazed out a window in the middle of Winter with frost growing on the inside walls of my 20′ camper, wondering just what the heck I was doing.. LOL..

    It’s OK to be scared but you must be determined! The culture shock only lasts a few years. Once you get beyond it, there isn’t any turning back, believe me..



    If you are looking to have a free test run, you are welcome to stay here and see how it works for you. Just send me reply.



    hi fragginz, i am intrested to try, is it possible?
    i would be happy if you could contact me here or here-



    I understand being scared. I’m 64 year old woman and I am determined to live off the grid for many reasons. I bought my land last February and moved on to my land this past August. I’m living in a 24 ft camping trailer while I build a cob house by myself. It is scary at night for me because I’m alone. I was afraid of the bear stories but I haven’t had any trouble or seen any yet. I don’t own a gun, not that I would want to kill anything or anybody. The first month was the hardest but I feel more and more confident about it all. I’ve made some expensive mistakes concerning the batteries for my small solar setup which I’m still trying to figure out but it’s not going to stop me.

    It’s been amazing how once I bought my land how the universe has provided things I need for free or very cheap. And it’s been amazing to experience the ongoing learning curve that is necessary to be independent. I love how quiet it is on my land. I love watching the birds play on my trailer every morning. Being in nature is wonderful. And not contributing to the harm of the earth is the most important part for me. It’s taught me to prioritize material possessions and how they are an unnecessary  burden.

    So far I am happy with my decision to live off the grid. I haven’t gone through a winter here yet but my determination is strong. I want to be successful in this and I think you can be too if you are determined also.



    yes everything is difficult now, not the least of which is dropping out of the rat race. I helped start a commune in central virginia, we actually had it going for maybe 2 years, dozen people, RVers boondocking, cash crop-sunchokes…and it slowly fell apart as people drifted away…drugs, mental illness, pregnancy, personal demons, you name it.  Going solo is scary and going with a group is a whole new set of problems…not trying to be negative as we are attempting to restart the commune/intentional community.  But most people have no commitment anymore…to anything. Still, with the way the country is going there’s alot to be said for being mobile in a small mini-motorhome or travel trailer…my ladyfriend is trying to restart her farm community and a new president may or may not be allowed to take office.  We are ALL in no man’s land now.  Life is short.  Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.  Follow your heart. Is there any value to what I’ve just written?  Probably not.



    I wish I could find a community to join and help build off grid.. I have been living as a homesteader quit the JOB and started to garden and raise animals… of which I have plenty… and I got incredibly good with tinctures and herbs for medicine … I can make my own soil and still in my prime.. 46.. have a 5yo and an ol’ lady that telecommutes… total off grid is possible for us if wifi is relatively close… BUT I’M ready to put my 100% in…



    Hello Mac Attack,

    In a lot of ways I think we are in similar situations. Check out my post here:

    I want to let you know that I think I have found a really nice and maybe perfect community for what I am looking for (and maybe you). it is called Muddy Creek Satyagraha. Me and Scott have been talking quite frequently about forming the initial tribe for this community in Spring 2018, and I personally am extremely exited about it. Check out their listing at and contact either Scott or me if you are interested. My email is and my phone is 804-513-9031.


    <div style=”color: #222222; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12.8px;”></div>



    <span style=”color: #222222; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12.8px;”>We see Muddy Creek Satyagraha as a starting point to moving further and further away from established food sources and becoming a self-sustaining tribe.</span>



    Fragginz, I also am interested in checking out your spot. Let me know. or 804-513-9031.

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