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    I own a few tracts of land south of San Luis, Colorado.  I am looking for person(s) who are interested in seriously going off grid and escaping this rat race we are living in.  I have   most of the necessities needed to begin the building phase of the community, but do need some help/assistance along the way.

    I have all supplies for a small natural garden.  I also have tons of tools, Solar equipment, material for a few wind turbines, and I have water rights but no wells yet. There is fresh water and thermal water. Also, There are no building codes.

    There is tons of fishing and hunting available and a few clean natural springs until we get a well dug or use other means to collect.  The river is only a few hundred feet from our land…

    I am looking for open minded individuals with NO drama.  I don’t really care if you drink/smoke, just keep your mind right and we will be ok.  Any

    You will be given your own section of property, but will be required to contribute in the means of labor/hunting/ or fishing.

    Please know that I have done this with a few communities and it is a tough road for the first month or so BUT with food, water, & freedom who can go wrong??

    if your ready and not needing weeks/months, send me a message and i will get back to you,

    joseph gary80@ g ma



    I wish you the best of luck, really. My experience so far with room mates in the past has been good at times and hell at other times. I think legal contracts are a better way to go though, they don’t prevent hell when it comes. Still a written agreement means that anything in it is taken more seriously than anything verbal.



    I echo 100% what caverdude suggested: WRITTEN CONTRACT!!!!!

    Yes, yes…(insert ~sigh~ HERE)…I know that everyone wants to be all Loosey-Goosey/Kumbaya when we’re talking Back To The Basics. However, there is NOTHING WORSE than hearing someone complain to you, “…but YOU never said that I/we couldn’t X-Y-Z” or “…but YOU never said that we HAD TO X-Y-Z..” 

    Take this as sage advice from someone (me) who’s had rental units for 30 years and had their own businesses for over 40 + years: CONTRACTS SAVE YOUR ARSE!!! Also, in one of these threads, one of the posters listed all the pitfalls that he’s encountered with slackers & dopers who he’s personally encountered while trying to achieve your dream, too.


    This is just a guess, but I’m thinking of the 100% of people who post about “getting away from the rat race”, only 1% are dead serious. The rest are dreamers and drifters who want a Mommy or Daddy Earth to take care of them while they get high and listen to music on their iPhone. “WHAT!? What do you mean there’s  no place for me to charge my equipment and no cellular service!?” LOL



    not totally off the grid here, yet, but working on it

    the previous 2 commentors are correct, get written contracts

    theres a lot more work in living the simple life than most realise

    and they do quick about-faces when they meet the reality

    CYOA a good motto to follow

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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