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    Hi my name is aarden, i have read these pages for quite a while but have just been motivated to join. Me, my girlfriend, and our 2 best friends just bought(papers signed Saturday) 14.77 acres of solid woodland in far SW Missouri even has a fresh water spring. We are all young i am the oldest at 25, we all have some skills to bring but still far from experts in any field. i currently live in town but will soon plop my tent out there to start clearing our home sites and driveway. we all dream of building small a-frame cabins with composting toilets and solar, and just being free. i enjoy studying genealogy i just found out my G-G-G-G-G-G-G-g Grandpa was George Burkhart from Harlan Kentucky,they say he lived inside a hollowed out tree with his first-wife and five kids, so off grid is in my blood. i am of course an avid camper, i can grow anything indoors cant wait to try outside ;). i really don’t do anything else but go to the occasional Schwag show or now byrdsfest. i cant wait to get to know all of you better.



    congrats Aardeng, you and your friends are dooing what ive only been able to dream about for years, my problem is to many ex wives, and no finances left to purchase my own land. good luck to you and your friends and hope your dreams come true. im a master carpenter so if you need any advice in the carpentry area let me know. again congrats



    ty we are very excited, a little nervous. cant wait. i was lucky /unlucky enough

    to work for the worlds worst retailer and after 5 years i had enough, just cashed my 401k and bought my land . this will be a welcomed change



    Aardeng glad to meet you. What you are doing is investing an a particular type of investment. Its something I dream of too. I have some info on my blog that might help..



    Hi, I’m new here too.

    That sounds like an awesome plan. Owning that self sufficient piece of land will probably do more for you in your old age then that 401k ever would… And since you’ll be living a healthy low stress life style you’ll live longer, be healthier and enjoy the life that you do live a WHOLE lot more (well I would anyway :-P ).

    I can’t wait to find a place to build my off-grid paradise :-)



    i am already so much less stressed and i am not even out there yet,, at least i can go whenever i want, i can wait to be out there for good, i cant wait for chickens, and sheep. i am going to go cutting down some trees this weekend, the Forrest is so dense you cant outreach you arms and turn without hitting a couple saplings . that would be my guess as to why the land was less than 1k an acre. there are 3 flat hilltops though



    Hello, I am banon from usa and i am new member to this forum



    I love eastern Ky with all the hollars etc.. glad you found a place to call home. Myself i settled on central pa with lots of amish and mennonites here. simple people hard working so things are pleasent here.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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