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    Hi everyone :)

    I’ve been wanting to go off the grid for several years. I am now at a point in my life where I feel it is time to take the leap. The thing is, my husband is completely alien to the concept. When he isn’t at work, he spends most of his time watching YouTube videos and playing computer games. I have spoken with him about my desire to get off the grid and explained to him why it is important to me. He is fine with the idea but he currently has zero practical skills and in my opinion, can be very lazy. Given a good opportunity and a kick in the butt, he is more than capable of learning and doing things but he lacks motivation. We have only been married for 3 years. I am 6 years older than him. I am from UK and he is Malaysian. I am in no way about to throw in the towel but I am not waiting around forever for him to get his sh*t together either.

    I don’t think that dragging him along with me and throwing him in at the deep end is necessarily the best approach.

    How do I go about, A) Motivating him,  B) Helping him to become more practical and to gain some skills C) Not giving up on him in frustration and taking my cats and disappearing off the grid by myself

    Any advice would be much appreciated.



    It isn’t gonna work if both of you ain’t on the same page. Lose your desire or move on..



    Hey there, I think about going offgrid as well, but I have no experience whatsoever on where/how to start. Also, I’m a gamer so I can relate with your husband.

    How about renting out a cabin somewhere and staying with your husband there for a couple of weeks? This might help I believe.

    Are you in the UK?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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