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    How sad to be so negatively judgmental about people, everyone has their own ideas about what being off grid means, to some it means not being able to be found by the government, to others (me) it means not having any commercial utilities, it’s not nice to say “if you don’t do it MY way, you are doing it wrong”.

    I consider myself 100% off grid, I generate my own power (solar/batteries), I haul my own water, I use propane for cooking and heating water, I use wood for heat, we built our own cabin (we lovingly refer to it as our sky castle) with very little money. I do have a computer and internet, I have a wireless setup, that’s my only monthly bill. I do own property so I have property taxes. I go to the grocery store to buy most of my food, I do grow some of it.

    I never claim to be 100% self sufficient, no one can, not even you can say that, you must wear clothes, shoes, they must come from somewhere… no one person can possibly make everything they need to be fully self sufficient.

    Being off grid doesn’t only mean living in a cave, wearing skins and eating worms. :)

    You are welcome to stay here and interact with the “locals”, but be warned, posting messages like this will not be seen as friendly or welcoming, especially by those of us to do live 100% off grid.



    Lol…  Sure thing…

    Bet you two don’t last more than a month out in the woods, enjoy your jail stay if you are doing it on federal land.  And if you think you aren’t going to be found, get over it, you will.  The government doesn’t look too kindly on people squatting on their federally protected land.  With that said, get off your high horse, what you want to do, and what others want to do are different.  Most people here have a good plan, and it’s being well implemented thus seriously lowering their chance of failure.  Your plan is ill conceived, sensless, and likely folly.  I’m not saying it can not be done, I’m just saying, the chance of it sticking is just short of zero percent.  It sounds more like you two are planning a camping trip.  Using your tax return to buy backpacking equipment and planning to take that backpacking equipment into the woods to scratch out a permanent life is easily the silliest thing I’ve heard in years.

    Whatcha making your shelters with?  You gonna kill and skin animals for it?  Better make sure you do it in season or else you run the risk of massive fines (that you will not be able to pay), and jail time.  Are you using man made materials?  If so, then the ones that will last a while are extremely heavy to be carrying in a backpack, and the ones light enough to carry will only last a couple months of constant exposure.  What are you using for hunting?  Traps, spears, guns, archery equipment?  Again, don’t get caught by big brother.  What about medical needs?  Illness is likely to happen, being several miles into the wilderness with plans to never come back out will kill the two of you.  Snake bites, insects, allergies, rodent born illnesses (look up hantavirus) is fairly common in the west particularly in backpackers.


    At least the people here are approching the off-grid lifestyle with some common sense.  Your approach makes little to no sense.  I mean you don’t even really have a plan other than buying backpacking equipment with the plans to disappear in the woods.  You’ll be back, maybe not here, because your selfish pride and arrogance aren’t going to allow you to face the “I told you so.”.  Don’t be stupid, and don’t put your better half at risk trying to execute a stupid “plan”.


    I agree with the comments in response to this arrogant post.  An additional observation is:  if you’re as experienced as you claim, then why are you only now buying backpacks?  My kelty pack hanging on the wall here is 46 years old & has seen many adventures, but I don’t pretend to be able to just walk into the woods, never to return (although DB Cooper did just that, I wonder how he’s doing these days?) Get back to us after you’ve actually spent a year in the wilderness, just to keep us informed–maybe you’ll earn some respect at that point.


    Please do yourself a favor and carry a GPS emergency beacon with you. Ya know …  just in case. Your primary concern should be the health and safety of you and your family. To sever all ties with others fails the safety aspect of your plan. Even the early trappers and miners would have rendezvous points, and they also travel together for months at a time.

    Good luck on your adventure. I don’t need to say anything about humility because nature has a way of teaching that in spades.

    Please keep us informed and try to remember there may be people on this forum who used to think just the way you do.


    <BTW Nick> Our friend Arild has done the same up in Canada. But we still keep in contact by email. He has a solar charger for his laptop and he sometimes pirates WiFi long enough to send and receive mail.


    Why is it some people think off grid means camping out??  They intend to live illegally by poaching and camping without authorization on public land.

    Off-grid is off the electricity grid mainly, on alternative power like wind and solar or both.   It can and often is off the sewer and water grid and the gas line grid, and sometimes telephone/cable grid.    Often off-gridders grow much of their own food, and some do without a well or electricity, or at least a large solar electric system.  Some call themselves off grid who live in non-Eco cabins or trailers while others are for Eco homes and low carbon footprint lifestyle, i.e. green.  We are, for sure.

    We live well off grid, and have a deep well with good water solar pumped(1024 watts of panels).  We use a propane tank and firewood.  I am too disabled to hunt anymore and do not raise farm animals, although I am reading a book on raising food rabbits.  Some here live off grid on farms and are totally self sufficient.


    ***** like each and every one of you is why we are leaving. Wretha you ***** read the 1st paragraph again.

    **** the laws and **** you all

    You are still not off grid and you ****** are crying because you dont have the balls to do what we are.

    Go back to your RV’s and heaters and meals-on-wheels you *****

    ((edited by moderator to remove foul language))


    You are a very sad person, I truly wish you well in your life. I don’t know what you should have expected, coming on an off grid website and announcing to everyone that THEY aren’t doing it right because they aren’t doing it your way.

    I’m leaving this post but I will edit your post to make it not so rude with curse words, but you aren’t welcome here any more.



    This is an example of how NOT to act when you come to a forum for the first time, coming in acting like YOU have all the knowledge and everyone else is doing it wrong if they aren’t doing it YOUR way. We will put up with a lot here but that sort of attitude is not welcome here, nor is cursing and name calling.



    If you can read this then you have an I.P. address and therefor have an address so you are on your internet service providers grid. Stop calling yourself off-grid when you are only self sufficient. Now dont get me wrong, that is completely respectable! I was so disappointed when I found this site and learned that many of you have jobs and still say that you are off grid. If you truly want to be off grid copy us!

    As of this moment we are on the grid, a slave to fellow man! Paying their taxes and buying their products and doing what we are told every single second of every single day. A slave to the all-mighty dollar. Well my friends, no longer shall I share your burden for my wife and I are going off grid in the only true way. In about 6 weeks my lady and I will walk into the deepest woods of Oregon never to be seen again. How many of you just made a bear food comment? Its ok for you to doubt us because we know what we are capable of and nothing you can say will even cause hesitation in our stride.

    You can drop us in the woods a million miles from the next person and we will not just survive but we will thrive. Within 2 hours we will have a warm shelter and hot meal. The both of us are not only educated but also experienced in hunting, gathering, water location and purification, making tools, medicine and far more than I am willing to list in this post. Just for fun we will go to places some call uninhabitable taking with us nothing but the clothing we have on. No knives, pots, gps or literally anything and we still drink water and eat every day. Years and years of study and practice is culminating to this. We are taking our tax refund and savings to get backpacks and all the supplies we can carry in them and we will disappear into the deepest woods of Oregon forever.  Truly off grid.


    Looks to me like looking2live is looking2die lol.

    This is either an internet troll looking to ruffle some feathers or some young kid who has visions of being Rambo lol.  You will either kill yourself and your girl, or end up in federal prison lol.  It’s not that many of us don’t have the balls, it’s that we have more common sense than you.

    For the record I lived in a tent in the woods completely by myself for 2 years (My tent dry rotted through within 3 months.), and I eventually build a wood shelter, I’ve done what you are claiming you are about to do, and did it for 2 years, and it’s stupid.  So enjoy your ignorance, I hope for your girlfriend or wife or whatever she is (imaginary most likely) sake that she has the common sense to dump you, hit the road running away and go find someone less volatile, rude and ignorant to be with.  So later, don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split ya on the way out.

    You’ll be back on grid within a month, you are obviously to stupid to actually make it work.  That is if you actually survive very long.  See, I’ve done what you want to do, and I made it work, but no way in hell would I drag someone else down with me and risk their health and livelyhood in the process.  I was once a stubborn little punk who knew everything better than anyone else, and that got me tapeworm, undernourished, and while people respect that I did what I did from a resourcefulness aspect, everyone else, myself included sees just how ingorant it was.  I made it 2 years, you’ll be lucky to last a week.


    This is my first time here and I’m just learning of what off-grids is all about. After reading all posts here I can say that Wretha is correct in saying that every one has its own idea of what off-grid means. All of us have own mind to interpret, understand and act on the things around us. So, if off-grid means for you living in shack, caves or even jungle and being detached with government then it is your own comprehension and act of what off-grid means. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that your understanding of off grid will be the universal understanding of off-grid.

    I am not wholly living off-grid just as I said earlier, I’m still learning. However, I will not forced other to do my act of way of what off-grid means just I do because every one of us have different interpretation and understanding on things.


    Educate yourself before you make a fool of yourself


    For other uses, see Off the grid (disambiguation).
    The term off-grid refers to not being connected to a grid, mainly used in terms of not being connected to the main or national transmission grid in electricity. In electricity off-grid can be stand-alone systems (SHS) or mini-grids typically to provide a smaller community with electricity. Off-grid electrification is an approach to access electricity used in countries and areas with little access to electricity, due to scattered or distant population. It can be any kind of electricity generation.
    The term off-the-grid (OTG) can refer to living in a self-sufficient manner without reliance on one or more public utilities.
    Off-the-grid homes are autonomous; they do not rely on municipal water supply, sewer, natural gas, electrical power grid, or similar utility services. A true off-grid house is able to operate completely independently of all traditional public utility services. The idea has been recently popularized by certain celebrities including Ed Begley, Jr.[1] who stars in Living with Ed[2] television show on the Home & Garden Television network. Actress Daryl Hannah promotes off-grid living and constructed her home in Colorado according to those principles, as does survival expert and Dual Survival co-star Cody Lundin.[3]


    LOL bet the OP does not come back , how rude and misguided he must be

    To me off grid is simply not having to rely on power, sewer and water companies

    not to mention food producers  to live. disapearing from the world is not

    what i envisage being of the grid to mean.


    Ill make the boast that i am one of very few who probably could go it like the op is

    suggesting but i know enough that i dont realy want to.

    sayonara OP if you ever do make it back you will never admit to having been wrong.




    Just FYI to everyone, looking2live is not able to answer, you can write what you like in response to this thread, just know that misguided person isn’t allowed to post responses, I had to revoke his posting privileges when he decided to go on a name calling cussing rant instead of having an adult, civilized discussion.



    Well, since looking2live was gonna disappear into the wilderness with his “lady”, never to be seen again, he couldn’t very well read the responses….since he’d be OFF the grid. Such a shame when zealots into any conversation.

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