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    I have a small 20 ft 1976 trailer that I am planning to use for off-grid living. I am researching ideal methods for heating the space in the winter time and am wondering what you recommend. I will be in the Southwest region of the US (California, Arizona, Nevada, etc.) closer to MX border so the temperature won’t be extremely cold. I am working with limited power availability so less energy use is ideal. Thanks!



    What resources/fuel will you have the most of? If you have access to wood, then a small wood burning stove or maybe even a thermal mass rocket stove design would work and it would use less wood.

    If you have access to propane, that is another option.

    Electric heat is probably the worst option unless you have a huge system.




    son in law built a small outside wood furnace from an old propane tank
    its inside a larger tank with a 12 vdc blower from a car for fan forced hot air
    it works great, he vented it in thru a window and it kept him and his family warm
    the winter before this past one



    i would look to sealing off the area from the ground to the trailer  and any other openings

    every winter i pack the snow around my cabin  and i feel it on my feet  the floor is easier to keep warm



    Here  is a small wood stove for $219:

    or a sheepherder stove $150-$179





    Jay, your links didn’t work… want to post them again? Thanks



    OOps, never mind, it does work, just not in the email I got, here it works. :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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