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    If people could find ways to eliminate rent or mortgages… we would all be free from working jobs we hate and being exploited.

    Why not buy some inexpensive land for $1000 to $2000 and build an Yurt or something similar for $10,000. Then start a non-profit and sell your home to the non-profit (No more taxes) After you pay off the house–no more rent. Then you grow your own organic food, barter with neighbors and forget about the government.

    Sounds like a plan. Is this possible?



    I believe its possible but you also must consider food and energy as well.

    shelter is not the only thing that you are being taxed on and if enough people did what you were talking about im sure they would fix any loophole.



    Starting your own non-profit org and selling your house to it, sounds great but is really fraud. Some people have done it, though. They found a religious order and get followers, then apply for non-profit status, then live in their “church”.

    We saved enough from no utility bills and sweat equity to pay off the mortgage, but still have to pay property tax. This is for police and fire protection, and paying for educating other people’s kids, which I don’t like.

    Our income is generally taxed for state and federal employees’ pay, which is about double civilian, which I don’t like.

    Anything we buy at stores is taxed, including food, variably with locality.

    All we can do is vote against tax increases and vote out politicians who want to or have increased taxes. We can contest the valuation of our homes to pay less in property taxes. Growing much of your own food, and re-using items helps to decrease the tax load. If you keep your income low enough, you don’t have to pay taxes on income, and often can get more money back than you put in.

    That and the over-pay of government workers has got our country 14 trillion in debt, along with other factors like trade imbalance from corrupt politics.

    Cost of living increases are tied directly to overpopulation, and the invasion exacerbates this. So we are for enforcement and border security along with population control. None of that has been done, either, because of corruption and ignorance.



    There is an excellent book that has been out for some time on this topic. “Mortgage Free” by Rob Roy. I actually used his strategy and my off grid place is owned free and clear. We are constantly working towards self sufficiency. We still have to pay taxes but because of a very modest off grid dwelling they are very low relative to what others in my area pay.

    Within the next few years we will be able to grow a majority of what we eat. We have abundant clean water and all the firewood I will need in a life time.

    We are setting things up so that we can live well on just a few thousand $ a year and can survive on almost nothing if we have to.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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