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    helloo frnzzzzzzzz

    i m harry from india. i wanna earn money through online work. any body have any knowledge about it dan plz pass it to me……..All these sites looks very promising. But they are just earning money for the owners of these sites.

    They are using it for marketing purpose and making you people fool by wasting both your money and time .

    If you has ever participated in any such program then you must be agree with me that earning money is not such a easy task.




    loan modification


    This is great! Thank you so much Harry. You seem like a trusting fellow. How much of my money would you like? I’m sure my investment will come back ten fold! What could go wrong? If Harry from India says he has a plan why I’m sure it’s a good one! Oh please Harry… how do I sign up? Wait a minute – I think I’ll just light my money on fire instead… I’ll probably get the same return as I would from you. At least I could get some heat by lighting it on fire.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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