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    This is my 14×14 off grid cabin that I designed and built for under $2000. The shell is all new materials, T1-11 siding, 2×6 floor and ceiling joists and 2×4 wall studs with modified 4×4 post and beam corner supports for heavy snow loads. Fully insulated and I have lived in this cabin for over 15 years.

    The windows and doors were free recycled and I used rough-sawn lumber for trim and the porch. I recycled all of the appliances, wiring, lights, plumbing and propane system from an old camp trailer for free.

    The power system is 580 watts solar electric and 400 watts Air X wind turbine which powers my water pump, lights, tvs, laptop and lots of gadgets. I use propane for my small furnace, OD water heater and stove and I have a small cook wood stove for backup.

    Downstairs is a full kitchen, dining area and living area and 5×7 bathroom with a full shower and toilet and room for an over/under washer and dryer.

    Upstairs is a full loft with 7 feet of head room for a large bedroom, office and additional storage space. I live here with my girlfriend and two large dogs and my son stays with us in the summer. Enough room for 4 people to live comfortably.

    I use a solar composting toilet of my own design and all water from sinks and showers is recycled to my garden, fruit trees and shrubs. The human waste is recycled to feed my fruit trees and shrubs or is composted in the enclosed solar dehydration tank.

    I am an avid outdoorsman and I garden, raise animals, hunt, fish, and my hobbies are kayaking, photography, videography, writing music and songs, writing books and designing off grid cabins and projects to simplify life.

    My cabin designs have appeared in Mother Earth News, Treehugger, Tiny Houses- Simple Shelters by Lloyd Kahn and in numerous blogs including here on Off Grid.

    You can see my cabin and many other cabins I have designed and all my system videos on my channel:

    I have a new book called “Ten Tiny Cabins” that will be out the end of 2013 and I am always happy to answer questions about off grid living and simple living skills and projects.



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