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    The essential thing when you are writing a novel is always the initial few pages. Maintaining your motivation is the hardest part, no matter how strong the motivation you have. You have to follow the following task. Follow the routine: Write every day; this is one of the strategies that work well for all writers. Sometimes, you do not feel like writing a word but still push yourself to write. Maintain a small word count for every to reach the goal. Focus on writing and not editing: The biggest mistake is to maintain editing every word you write. Much affordable law assignment writing service requires you to write novels as assign tasks. This can be time-consuming. Editing should be saved for last. Avoid distractions: Put all your energies in writing the novel. DO not get engage in any type of extra activities that could distract you from your goal. Meditate: Sometimes, you feel blocked while writing; for this, try to take some days off and rest. Continue writing when you are feeling fresh. It is impossible to stay motivated 100% all the time for poetry writers. Do not discourage, try tools and techniques to stay focused.

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