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    I know this is an old post but a topic that I’m sure is read by a lot of people. Anyone thinking of buying property ought to check out the book “Mortgage Free” by Rob Roy. Lots of good information that is applicable no matter where you are looking. His ideas work just as well in the South West as they would in Ontario or the UK.

    I bought my property from a local logger who had recently logged it off and no longer wanted to pay the taxes on it. He held a land contract with $3,000 down for 15 years but I paid him off in seven. Rob Roy presents some great ideas that if put to practice can help a lot of people make their dream of buying land and building a reality.


    We are selling our off-the-grid property due to medical issues.

    There is a nice year-round creek on it, 24.91 acres, 1/2 mile to USFS land, about 20 minutes to a small town either direction, about 5 miles to Canada as the crow flies.

    The area has other homes that are also off the grid. This property does not have electricity available; perfect solar setup. There is however, underground phone lines to the property which allows a land line phone.

    The home site we were planning on, is at the top of the property with spectacular views. You can harvest the Douglas Fir taller trees for a profit also, leaving the rich understory of trees to fill up the space.

    The taxes are only $37 a year (under $50, could be off a couple dollars) for keeping the land in it’s current timber/forest tax class. This just means you can build on up to one acre for your home, but need to leave the rest in forest; ok to harvest trees as long as you keep the next growth there. This is a great deal!

    Did I mention Okanogan County is known for it’s gold? There are a few gold mines in this county doing quite well and there is a nice creek on this land…

    Here’s the link:

    Thanks for looking, good luck to all! Cheryl.


    i have a few 7 ac lots on a 200 ac. farm. i am looking for people to buy in to help establish a fully self sustainable community. The land is located in Teabo Yucatan. perhaps one of the safest places in all of Mexico , and definitely safer than anyplace in the U.S.

    The land has rich black soil and the closest house is two miles away. We are secluded, but the city of Merida is only about an Hour away.

    Currently the land is fully wooded , so there is material for home building, although building material and labor is cheap here, so traditional home building is not out of the question. There are no power lines , so this is a true off grid experiment.

    I have a listing on the classified area of this site


    Hello all,

    This is sort of off topic.. but I’m 23 years old and in college at the moment. I would rather move off the grid and live within my means than pursue a career. I like to call it back to basics. If anyone is looking for a roommate, please let me know. I’m an easy learner and hard worker.

    Take care,



    Anony87, my thoughts on this matter may be totally different from what other people might tell you, I’m saying this from experience for what that is worth… John I would tell you not to rely one someone else to go in with you on this, do as much as you can yourself and for yourself. The reason being if you find someone to “go in” with you on this venture, what happens if you find you aren’t as compatible with that person as you first thought? What if part way through building your back to basics life your roomie decides it’s time to move on? Would you be in a position to continue on your own? I would suggest that you be as independent as you can possibly be and you will not be disappointed by someone else.

    For now, learn as much as you can, take classes, try to find a group or someone who can teach you the skills you need, things like cooking and baking from scratch, building skills, carpentry, electrical, small engine repair, gardening, the more skills you have, the better off you will be in every way. Do you have a Mennonite community nearby? If so, you can learn a LOT from these people, they have maintained the basic skills that many of us have lost.

    Bottom line, learn from other people, learn as much as you can, try to get more “hands on” and less “theory”. It’s fine to learn from other people, but rely on yourself for everything else, don’t give up, set goals and do what it takes to accomplish those goals.



    Treasuregift nails it – invest in yourself, learn how to make yourself valuable to your local community.


    Boy how true is that…rely only on yourself and your knowledge and abilities, Then the idea of functioning within a group/partnership should come easy.


    Also you can go and visit as I have found Land from there as well. They also have Land on there with monthly payments.

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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