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    How would someone who’s still in high school pull off this lifestyle? I’m a senior about to graduate in a few months but it still seems impossible for me to ditch everything and convert to this lifestyle, especially with the option of college which I think I might turn down because I’m sick of all the McDonalds and my friends and family who leave their computers and Tvs on all day. My parents and siblings could really care less and are constantly adding new electronics to the house and taking two hour showers and buying nothing but candy and fast food, I can’t stand it. How can someone like me just starting in the world and in a big city convert to a lifestyle like this or just something similar? I have a job and a bit of money and no car. Thanks :)

    Nick Rosen

    Keep reading posts on this site and others, and blogs and facebook, etc. Look for off-grid community that you could become a part of/contribute labor and such/barter and trade. Or create some type of business that you can do from a remote/telecommute location. Look for jobs that take you out of the city, like with the Forest Service and such. You can volunteer- they will give you a place to live and a little money. You can join the Peace Corp or other organizations. Start thinking outside the box! and you can find a way.

    I live WAY off grid, but I do have a satellite and internet. I’m not into all the gadgets like you mention, I live very conservatively by choice. Off-Grid can mean very basic living or not.


    When I was your age just out of high school I bought a 30 year old wooden boat and moved in to live on it full time. That was definitely off grid. Later on I lived in an RV for five years. Never did get around to writing a book about it just the text books on navigation.

    Sure was cheap living on a boat, no rent, no bills.


    When I came across this forum I was wondering about your discussions related to off grid living. Even though I am not as daring as you I do have a sense of what you try to accomplish in the US. I compels respect from me because living off grid must be quite adventurous for you guys.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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